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Bare Backyard Becomes a Stylish Outdoor Oasis for Gathering With Friends

August 06, 2021

Social media influencer and designer Patti Wagner helps two roommates create the perfect patio for wine nights in their hip Minneapolis neighborhood.

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Photo: Canary Grey. From: Rentfluencer.

Charming Paver Patio Framed by Cafe Lights

The large, flat backyard behind Brit and Haley’s rental home was ideal for creating a gathering space, but it needed Patti’s vision to get it there. A simple paver and gravel patio anchors the space, framed by charming string lights mounted from posts. An outdoor sofa and upcycled benches provide plenty of seating around a central fire pit.

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From: Rentfluencer

Before: Awkward Arrangement

Before the makeover, Brit and Haley had placed the furniture in the spot outside, but the ground was uneven, the lights weren’t over the furniture and the arrangement lacked the appeal needed to truly be a gathering place.

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Photo: Canary Grey. From: Rentfluencer.

The New Gathering Place

Now, Brit and Haley plan on spending much of their time in this outdoor room, until Minneapolis winters set in. Their dog, Gracie, loves hanging out on the patio too.

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Photo: Canary Grey. From: Rentfluencer.

L-Shaped, Dark Gray Outdoor Sofa With Plush Pillows

The L-shaped, dark gray outdoor sofa is ideal for multiple reasons: It provides plenty of seating, and it also frames a corner of the patio, anchoring the area. Brit likes pink and Haley likes neutrals, so Patti split the difference with ivory throw pillows featuring subtle texture and pink tones.


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