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Warm Gray Apartment Bedroom Makeover With Minimalist Modern Style

August 06, 2021

In this episode of Rentfluencer, designer and social influencer Patti Wagner upgraded Maya’s boring, dorm-style bedroom in just one day. Now, the bedroom in their first post-college apartment feels warm, welcoming and totally grown-up.

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Photo: Canary Grey. From: Rentfluencer.

Two-Tone Wall With Picture Rail

The upgraded bedroom features the simple, minimalist style that Maya craved. The back wall is painted with two tones of warm gray, the lighter color on top. A picture rail across the wall divides the two tones and provides a place for displaying art without commitment. Patti also added a new modern bed, ceiling fan, nightstands, wall sconces and rug.

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Photo: Patti Wagner. From: Rentfluencer.

Before: Plain and Dark Overall

Before, the bedroom was dark and dingy, and Maya had just a box spring and mattress for a bed. As Maya said, it looked “like a nice jail,” but they were dreaming of a room that felt like home.

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Photo: Canary Grey. From: Rentfluencer.

Light and Bright With Clean Lines

The makeover took advantage of ample natural light coming from the large window. Rather than hanging curtains, Patti stuck with the simple window shades to keep the look un-fussy, as Maya requested. That same minimalist style drove the decision for the new upholstered bed, which is completely clean-lined.

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From: Rentfluencer

Before: Basic, Boring Storage

While organized, Maya’s storage systems lacked style before the makeover.

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