Colorful Fall Photos From Across the Country

See how gardeners and homeowners across the nation capture the essence of fall in their own backyards.

Autumn Orange

A tree-lined farm fence at the peak of the fall color transformation

Fall Migration

Seasonal migration of birds taking their pre-winter journey

Fall in the Poconos

Autumn view from a backyard deck

Fall Bench

With the right focus, even a pile of leaves on a park bench can catch your eye. 

Vermont Fall

Fall display at Orvis Store in Manchester, Vermont

Leaf Stomping

What child doesn't love scuffling through a pile of crunchy fall leaves?

Tree Stunner

From HGTVGardens user LeslieA: "This is without a doubt the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. It had every color of the rainbow, except blue. A marvelous treat to behold."

Welcome Fall

This adorable pup is ready for some cooler weather and a romp in the leaves. 

Fall mums

We love this color combination of purple and orange.

Country Sunset

From HGTVGardens user Tina: "The sun is setting at St. Ann Country Club, Agawam, MA."

Autumn Galoshes

A good pair of garden boots comes in handy in the fall.

Fall Beaver Dam

Lisa from Zone 5a captured a wide array of fall hues in this photo. 

Great ball of Fire

From HGTVGardens user Katie: "Children always remember fall because they remember raking the leaves that go along with it. Raking and then making giant piles to jump in or throw up in the air!

Old Homestead

These beautiful fall colors in New Hampshire were shared by Shirley H.

Yoga Frog

Fall brings a bit of zen to Kathy's garden. 

Stone Barn

Christina didn't miss a chance to stop for a photo of this old stone barn on the side of the road. 

Pumpkin Patch

From HGTVGardens user Tina: "Pumpkins waiting for a home for the holidays. Photo taken in Hatfield, MA."

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