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Cool Ponds, Pools and Fountains for the Backyard

These backyard makeovers incorporate water features ranging from small waterfalls to large swimming pools.
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Streams and Perennials

This backyard space was designed around sports activities, but a small stream and colorful perennials turned a quiet corner into a relaxing escape.

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Dynamite Fireplace

When the homeowners had to pay to dynamite a granite rock wall that stood between them and their landscape makeover, the designer had to scale down other parts of the project, including this courtyard patio. Because the fireplace is a stronger architectural feature than the water feature, it was placed at the end of the patio; both are in full view of the dining area inside the home.

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A Water View

The fountain can be seen as you enter the gate to the patio — and from the dining area inside the house. Among the project's surprises was a large hole underground, originally intended as part of the house's basement, which meant that the kitchen was completely unsupported. A concrete-block foundation now buttresses that corner of the house.

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Wilderness Path

The homeowners wanted their landscape to fit in gracefully with the designated wilderness area next door. What could be more natural than a waterfall to mark the path that is visible from inside the home?

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