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6 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Private

Create separation from the homes around you and enjoy every bit of your outdoor space with these stylish privatizing porch and patio decorating ideas.

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An Outdoor Space You Can Escape To

What was once a wide open, exposed deck is now a secluded outdoor getaway thanks to a smart space plan, clever use of repurposing and creative plant designs.

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Overhead Coverage

Overhead privacy can be just as effective as privacy around the perimeter. Pergolas and arbors are excellent ways to add shade while also keeping outdoor spaces shielded from top-floor windows. For a more substantial look, consider adding headers and footers to the joists for extra layers of privacy, structural support and architectural interest.

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Total Privacy Panels

Outdoor drapery panels aren't just pretty, they're also practical. To properly outfit an outdoor space with enough fabric to add privacy and help soften the space, it's best to double the amount of panels needed. This offers enough surface area to draw the drapery closed when necessary, but also ensures a full, gathered look when open and drawn back.

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Hanging Planters

For proper visual balance, designers often group objects in odd numbers and also stagger their heights to keep the eye moving. This same principle applies to hanging planters. To fill an exposed corner of the patio, a trio of moss-covered baskets was grouped together with a consistent spacing of 10 inches.

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