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15 Waterfall Designs

These unique water features bring a spirit of adventure to your backyard.
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Woodsy Wonderland

The serenity and natural beauty of a lush woodland environment spotlighting a stream with various waterfall features is one of several sustainable designs by Alderwood Landscaping.

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Photo: Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape,

Liquid Layering

Stone borders and a simple but eye-pleasing flow of water through descending levels makes an ideal waterfall for backyards in this design by Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape

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Photo: The Waterfall Pond Specialists Company, Ontario. Canada, youtube: Waterfall Pond Specialists WPS

Water Wall

A miniature waterfall and pond are integrated into a water feature that is distinguished by the use of terracotta granite in this creative design by The Waterfall Specialists.

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Photo: YardApes, Inc., a member of The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP)

Natural Convergence

An intricately designed waterfall landscape by YardApes, Inc., provides a refreshingly different approach for backyards with upward slopes.

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