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Creative Ways to Address the Dog-Run Dead Zone

Use these tricks to fix pet damage to your yard and improve curb appeal.
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Photo: Image Courtesy of Northwest Botanicals, Seattle

Your Landscape Is Your Dog's Home

Your dog's habits are no secret...just follow the trail. Medium and large sized dogs who spend lots of time outdoors inevitably cause wear and tear on their favorite parts of your grass. Repair the damage and make your pet feel right at home with these helpful solutions.

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When Pet Traffic Leads To Bare Ground

What do you do when your dog and your grass don't mix? Your best friend can really work over that green space, but there are lots of great options to repair or replace the lawn and make both you and your dog happy.

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Photo: Image Courtesy of FormLA

When Grass Is The Only Answer

If you must have grass, try a tougher breed. Spreading grasses like zoysia, bermuda and centipede are self-healing, and for this reason are superior to clumping grass like fescue for damage-prone areas. When holes develop, use a dog-resistant replacement. In some areas other unconventional lawn alternatives like carex or mondo grass may work even better.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Buttercup Design Group/Photo by Vickie Cardaro

The Fence Run

If your dog has a well worn path along the fence, a landscaped border may help to change the pattern. Choose tough specimens like ornamental grasses and native shrubs. These plants may help divert your pup's activity, and will hold up to occasional leaps and bounds.

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