14 Simply Stunning Summer Window Box Recipes

Don't let sweltering temps get you down! Plant these heat-tolerant blooms for colorful curb appeal all summer long.

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Farmhouse Hues

Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines kept this cottage-inspired arrangement simple by mixing shades of green with pops of warm magenta.

1: pink pentas

2: white & pink caladium

3: pink verbena

4: wire vine

5: blue daze evolvulus

Window Candy

Bright and playful, this lush window arrangement takes summer curb appeal to an eye-catching new level.

1: petunia 'Supertunia Royal Magenta'

2: bidens

3: geranium

Pretty in Pink

A pretty alternative to roses, pink tuberous begonias add soft color to this ivy-covered facade.

1: pink tuberous begonia

2: pink petunia

3: purple dracaena

4: English ivy

Happy Flowers

Infuse your summer garden with joyful anemone and hearty calibrachoa — colorful blooms that thrive in full sun and well-draining soil.

1: variegated small-leaf ivy

2: anemone

3: fuchsia tulip

4: million bells calibrachoa

Warm-Weather Staples

Add a taste of the tropics to your front porch with brilliant pink mandevilla and cheery yellow hibiscus.

1: yellow hibiscus

2: lobelia

3: coleus

4: pink mandevilla

Sweet Potato Envy

Whether planted alone or with other fun summer blooms, bright green sweet potato vine is a set-it and forget-it spiller that never disappoints.

1: sanvitalia (creeping zinnia)

2: sweet potato vine

3: croton

4: gold variegated plectranthus

5: angelonia

6: lantana

Fairytale Florals

Transform your home into a dreamy summer escape reminiscent of your favorite storybook locale.

1: gold plectranthus

2: 'Silver Falls' dichondra

3: gaura

4: verbena

5: geranium

6: silver dollar eucalyptus

7: petunia

Country Cottage

Pull off rustic charm in the heat of the summer with easy-to-care for sage, million bells and dainty wire vine.

1: million bells (calibrachoa)

2: creeping wire vine

3: tricolor sage

Classic Showstopper

Who says classic is boring? We adore this lush arrangement stocked with all of our favorite warm-weather staples.

1: double calibrachoa

2: petunia

3: sweet alyssum

4: geranium

Shades of Red

Add a touch of sophistication to your curb appeal with a sultry mix of opulent red roses and pink geranium.

1: geranium

2: echeveria

3: rose

4: million bells calibrachoa

Wild Mix

Master the "bed head" look by stuffing your window boxes with low-maintence guara, bright yellow sedum and striking pincushion flower.

1: pincushion hakea

2: gaura

3: dusty miller 'New Look'

4: Gold Edge duranta

5: Lemon Coral Sedum rupestre

6: lantana

7: coleus

Dreamy Dahlias

At their peak prowess in late summer, show-stopping dahlias thrive in sunlight and well-drained soiled. Plant with other summer blooms like geraniums and Diamond Frost euphorbia for beauty that will last until first frost. Learn all about dahlia care here >>

1: geranium

2: dahlia

3: 'Homestead' verbena

4: 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia

Summer Succulents

Stocked with rich color and unequivocable texture, what's not to love about succulents?

1: 'String of Pearls' (senecio rowleyanus)

2: 'Perle von Nurnberg' echeveria

3: 'Sticks on Fire' euphorbia

4: jelly bean sedum (S. rubrotinctum)

5: red kalanchoe

6: crassula hybrid

Simple Yet Sexy

Sometimes the prettiest arrangements are the simplest. Keep the color going all summer long with low-maintenance creeping zinnia and shade-loving tuberous begonias.

1: tuberous begonia

2: sanvitalia (Mexican creeping zinnia)

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