Good-Looking Garden Journals

Grab one of these garden journals and start documenting. With room for photos, journal entries and sketches you won't forget any important details.

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Photo By: Courtesy of Liane Doxey, PrarieGarden on Etsy, and Amazon

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Task Manager

This spiral-bound journal is printed on 100% recycled paper and features natural pest control tips and recipes, companion planting charts, 10 graph pages, 11 note pages and 2 pages for each month. Garden Journal;


GardenScribe crafted these handy binders to harness your inner creative (and organized!) spirit. Its mini and classic versions have plenty of plant detail sheets that only take a few minutes to fill in, making it super easy to stay up to date. GardenScribe Organizer;

The Essentials

When Liane Doxey couldn't find a garden journal that fit her needs, she decided to make her own. While she's crafted handmade journals for years, her latest features tips, notes sections, guides and planning diagrams in a format that's easy to follow. The Garden Journal The Essentials;

Seed Keeper

File away those special seeds for the next gardening season with this handy helpmate.

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