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25 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden and Landscape

Learn easy ways to save water and still have a head-turning yard.

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Use an Adjustable Sprinkler

There are many reasons to conserve water in your yard: You live in an area that restricts outdoor water use, you’re looking to save money on your water bill, you want a more low-maintenance yard or you’re just looking to help the environment. Whatever your reason, we’ve got a slew of ideas and tips that can help you save water, money and time. These include planting a rain garden, installing a rain barrel, picking the right type of planters and the best practices for watering your lawn and garden.

Conserving water in the landscape starts with rethinking the ways you use and apply water to plantings. Trade in a non-adjustable oscillating sprinkler for one that offers multiple watering patterns. By sliding levers or pushing buttons, adjustable sprinklers let you direct water to where it’s needed — and avoid wasteful runoff.

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Install Drip Irrigation

One of the best ways to water plants efficiently is with drip irrigation. DIY drip irrigation systems combine professional-grade materials with simple installation. The result is water being delivered directly to the root zone of plants, eliminating runoff and losses through evaporation.

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Choose Water Saving Containers

Choose containers with low water use in mind. Glazed terra cotta containers don’t just look great, they also don’t lose water through the pot sides, thus requiring infrequent watering.

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Harvest Rain With Cisterns

Cisterns provide a large water storage option for roof runoff. Think of them like a rain barrel on steroids. A covered cistern eliminates insect issues that can develop with open rain barrels. Most large cisterns include a pump to speed water flow from the tanks.

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