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15 Plants to Avoid in a Children's Garden

Keep the kids safe by keeping these plants out of reach.

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Photo: Photo by Laurie Smith. Courtesy of The Kitchen Community.

Keep Curious Kids Safe

Kids are curious by nature; they learn by touching, smelling and tasting. Keep them safe by teaching them which plants to avoid and by keeping dangerous plants out of reach of little hands. 

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Photo: Image courtesy of Jeff Stafford

Stinging Nettle

Although sometimes used as an herbal medicine, the hairs on the leaves and stems of stinging nettles produce a stinging sensation when touched. It's best to keep kids away from this one. 

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Photo: Courtesy of Quinta Mazatlan

Prickly Pear and Other Catus

Cacti are fun plants for older kids to have, but the needles are quite painful. Avoid them until younger kids are ready to understand how to handle these spiky plants. 

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Photo: Sally Guthart, Earthborn Landscape Design. From: Lynn Coulter.


Although they are considered a plant of ill repute, the big blooms can entice children to touch. The plant has sharp prickles all over. Goldfinches love the seeds, but it's best to keep these plants away from little ones.

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