Plants for Your Pup

Tantalize your doggo's senses with these fragrant and medicinal plants.

Note: Some dogs may be sensitive to certain plants, so you should always monitor your dog and check with a vet before exposing your pet to any new plants. For a list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs, consult this list from the ASPCA.

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It’s not just for cats. If dogs sniff or eat it, it has relaxation properties and can even aid sleeplessness.


Dogs suffering from anxiety or skin/stomach upsets will be attracted to this plant’s scent.

Clary Sage

This one is good for high-strung animals.


This pretty purple plant helps to reduce anxiety and other nervous conditions.


This fragrant plant lifts a dog’s energy and freshens his stinky doggie breath if he eats it. While spearmint and peppermint are good choices, avoid pennyroyal, as it can be toxic to dogs.


Nervous dogs may enjoy sniffing these happy little flowers.

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