20 Ideas for Fabulous Boxwood Designs

Discover ways to trim boxwoods and how to use them as dramatic punctuation in the garden.

Photo By: Lazyeye Photography

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Image courtesy of Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd., alexsmithgardendesign.com

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Photography: Rosemary Fletcher; Architect: Richard Seaberg of RS Architectural Partners, LLC; Mason: Santine DiFlaminio of Vintage Masonry; Builder: McKay Construction -Hingham, MA

Photo By: Harold Leidner Company Landscape Architects

Photo By: Image courtesy of Karl Gercens

Photo By: Image courtesy of Alex Smith Garden Design, Ltd., alexsmithgardendesign.com

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Rollins

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ben Rollins

Boxwood Beauty

The front yard boasts lovely curb appeal with a formal boxwood parterre garden filled with pink and white annuals. A small bird bath centers the garden design.

Boxwood Topiaries

Historical inspiration was drawn from gardens in the United Kingdom's National Trust properties for this landscape. The succession of rooms defined by formal pathways, focal points and ornamental plantings are typical of classic parterre-style gardens.

Boxwood Arches

Boxwood is a feature of many gardens, but this inventive gardener trained hers into these unique arches.

Boxwood Topiary

A terracotta pot makes the ideal base for a show-stopping arrangement of clipped boxwoods with a sedum base. 

Boxwood Hedge and Hosta

These boxwood hedges create the perfect barriers in this beautiful garden. 

Formal English Garden

Rather than fill the empty space of the planting beds with an array of flowers and shrubs, the designer chose to emphasize the unique boxwood shapes by planting them far apart. A simple, neat layer of mulch ensures the focus remains on the artistic topiary element and deters the growth of weeds.

A Formal Lawn Framed by Hedges

An expansive and lush lawn connects different rooms within the garden. The emerald green boxwood hedge with a clipped topiary defines the lawn from the swimming pool and the low blue fence and arbor frame a small floral and herb garden.

Round Fountain Layered with Plants

Layers of plants surround a round, formal stone fountain in this English garden. A short Boxwood hedge defines the edge, with an abundance of vibrant and herbaceous hyssop filling the interior to the fountain's stone edge. A central urn holds a red flowering begonia.

Walkway with Climbing Roses

Formal walkways in the garden lead visitors through a succession of rooms, each with their own ornamental focal points. Here, a series of overhead metal arbors act as guides for garden roses to grow and climb upon, structured at the base by topiary boxwoods and strong stone pillars.

Boxwood Topiaries and Fountain

The parterre style of the garden is defined with strong elements like topiary boxwoods in varying shapes, layered with softer plants like hyssop. The linear gravel walkway leads the visitor from the house to a formal, round fountain, and their eye to the lawn and landscape beyond.

Elegant Estate Encourages Evening Strolls

Even at a distance, this elegant Massachusetts estate is rich with visual interest. Trimmed hedges and boxwoods not only define the front yard, but also create a grand outdoor space that visitors can enjoy strolling through at night.

Parterre Made from Hedges Laid Out in Patterns

A parterre is made from hedges laid out in formal patterns and flowerbeds. Plants used must have a dense growing habit and also be tolerant of clipping. Boxwood or yew work well.

Schloesser Augustusburg, Germany

Parterre party! Formal designs with miniature boxwoods and pansies flourish in the wide open spaces of this baroque Rhineland garden. Tip: Experiment with boxwood design, then make room to add buds. Photo courtesy of Karl Gercens.

Patio Dynasty

An impressive lineup of American Boxwood globes in concrete pots adds a touch of grandeur to an outdoor patio.

Decorative Patio Pool Planters

Boxwood planters surround the pool, fireplace and lounging areas on this Mediterranean-inspired patio.

Knot Garden

Formally designed knot gardens like this one at the entrance to writer and hostess Danielle Rollins' Atlanta home, can be traced back to Elizabethan England where they were often used to contain culinary herbs. Knot gardens are often composed of boxwood, including Rollins' which is formed from Japanese boxwood.

Beautiful Edible Garden

This beautiful edible garden benefits from a perimeter of boxwood and sparse plantings of edibles that create a dynamic design out of lettuces, squash and other vegetable garden standards.

Walled Garden

Espaliered fruit trees and clipped boxwoods enunciate this gate leading to storage and other utilitarian garden necessities. There are myriad ways to mask unsightly features of the garden with gorgeous design.

Trimmed Boxwoods

Trimmed boxwoods edge the path of this grand green pathway.

Ivy-Covered Trellis

An ivy-covered trellis provides a lovely frame around this garden bench punctuated by two bookend boxwoods.

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