Color Rush: Bright, Cheery Flowers for Your Garden

Dare to be vibrant.

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Red Anemone

This bold red anemone is a Mediterranean variety that likes full sun and blooms in spring. It also comes in pink or purple.

French Marigold Features Multiple Colored Blooms

French marigolds come in an array of bright colors over a long season and are a mainstay of gardeners everywhere. They are bushy and compact with small flowers and a neat overall appearance. They feature multiple colors in a single flower head.

Surfinia 'Summer Double Rose'

There’s nothing shy about this fuchsia-pink, doubled petunia. It’s a trailer with good resistance to wind, rain and humidity.

Dramatic Red

The brilliant canna grows from rhizomes. These iris-like flowers bloom from midsummer to early fall.

Calla Zantedeschia 'Sunshine'

The yellow blooms on this heat-loving calla practically glow in the sun.

Lantana Produces Two-Tone Colorful Blooms

Available in white, yellow, orange, pink and red, the flowers of the lantana often appear two-tone as they open from buds of different hues.

Dahlia 'Thomas Edison'

This dahlia, 'Thomas Edison' is an oldie, introduced in the 1940s, so you know it’s a winner because it’s still around.

Clematis 'Jackmanii' Features Velvety Purple Blooms

The standard clematis flower is a large blossom with six or seven petals, measuring 5 to 6 inches across. Colors range from white to wine red, lavender to deep purple.

'Roxy' Dahlia Mixes Purple Foliage With Pink Blooms

The dahlia 'Roxy' is a popular form, with a striking combination of dark purple foliage and magenta-pink flowers.

Million Bells Mounding 'Tropical Delight'

‘Tropical Delight’ is loaded with pineapple-yellow flowers.

Racy Red Coleus

Bold red coleus is tipped with a brilliant yellow. Coleus is easy to start indoors during the winter months for spring transplanting.

Geranium 'Brookside' Produces Lavender Blue Blooms

Geranium 'Brookside', or cranesbill, produces lavender-blue flowers with tiny white eyes and deep purple veining from spring through fall. Compact clumps of lacy green foliage provide wonderful background. In fall, leaves turn a vivid red-orange.

Exotic Orange Canna

The colors of orange canna plants range from soft pastel shades through to deep rich oranges. Canna flower bulbs are superb summer bloomers and are native to southern areas, so are considered tropical plants and definitely not hardy.

Blue Torenia

It’s hard to find a true blue in nature, but these blooms are a rich, deep color. The plants grow 10-15” high, so they’re nice in containers and baskets.

'China Pink' Tulip Produces Lily-Like Blooms

The 'China Pink' produces lily-like candy pink flowers on tall, graceful stems from mid- to late-spring.

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