39 Eye-Popping Peonies

These gorgeous, lush flowers bring old-fashioned glamor to the garden.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

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'Black Pirate' Peony

This rich dark burgundy tree peony features floriferous blossoms.

'Catherina Fontijn' Peony

The 'Catherina Fontijin' peony is a soft pink variety with rosette shaped flowers that fade to white with age.

'James Crawford Weguelin' Peony

This striking, garnet-colored peony features gold stamens.

'Cora Louise' Peony

This sumptuous intersectional peony was created by Toichi Itoh who was the first hybridizer to cross a herbaceous and a tree peony.

'Duchess of Kent' Peony

This tree peony features double flowers in a deep rose color.

'Wu Long Peng Sheng' Peony

This exotic tree peony has been variously translated to "dragon holding prosperous flower" or "black dragon holds a splendid flower."

'Felix Crousse' Peony

This peony is a hardy grower and a fragrant double variety.

'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony

Showy, large bowl-shaped flowers define the 'Shirley Temple' peony.

'Guan Shi Mo Yu' Peony

Bred in China and known for its strong fragrance, this tree peony's name translates to either "black jade paragon" or "the finest black jade."

'Prairie Charm' Peony

This Itoh cultivar features yellow blooms and a dark red-purple flare.

'Shirley Temple' Peony

The 'Shirley Temple' peony is prized for its large, fragrant blooms.

Heirloom Peony

This heirloom peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) grows in the Walled Garden at Asheville's Biltmore Estate.

'Kopper Kettle'

'Kopper Kettle' features bright pink/orange blooms that are occasionally streaked with yellow. It usually blooms in late spring.  


'Pastelelegance' features pastel creamy pink blooms with stamens interspersed within the petals. 

'Salmon Dream'

'Salmon Dream' holds its pink color in cooler climates, but if exposed to hot sunlight it may fade to a creamy sheen. 

'Lemon Chiffon'

'Lemon Chiffon' is the first yellow herbaceous peony of this size. 

'Coral Sunset'

'Coral Sunset' features rosy blooms with a yellow inner glow. 

'Reine Elizabeth'

Producing semi-double to double salmon-pink flowers, this showy peony blooms late spring to early summer. 'Reine Elizabeth' should be planted in deep, rich and well-prepared soil. 

'Shimane Sedai'

A Japanese tree peony, 'Shimane Sedai' is a robust growing shrub which will flower reliably every year. Blooms boast a bright rose pink color. They are semi double when the plant is young, but become progressively more double and substantial as the plant grows older.

'Duchess of Marlborough'

'Duchess of Marlborough' has large semi double saucer shaped blooms with bright flesh pink petals. It flowers mid season.

'Shimane Nishiki'

'Shimane Nishiki' features bright pink blooms with golden stamens peeking out in the center. 


The buds tease all season long until they finally open in mid to late summer. The large semi double blooms open to show off a pinkish purple color and petals with silvery edges.

'Cardinal Vaughan'

'Cardinal Vaughan' flowers early, providing a vivid magenta color and saucer-shaped blooms. 


'Lollipop' is an Itoh hybrid, showing unique yellow petals, with purple stripes. This variety needs full sun and sandy soil. It blooms late spring to early summer.

'Garden Treasure'

Semi double to double bloom, this peony is a fragrant flower perfect for garden growing or cutting.

'Helen Hayes'

A double pink lactiflora named for actress Helen Hayes. 'Helen Hayes' is a fragrant peony good for cutting.

'Yellow Crown'

A herbaceous tree peony, 'Yellow Crown' produces semidouble yellow flowers.

'Bowl of Beauty'

'Bowl of Beauty' stays true to its name with a bowl-like shape made of large, vibrant pink petals with pale yellow petals in the center. It needs full sun and regular watering in extreme heat. Blooming in mid-spring, this beauty is great for cutting.

'Red Charm'

A soft-stemmed hybrid peony, 'Red Charm' produces ruffled, deep red double blooms in May. It grows best in rich, well-drained soil and full sun to part shade. Great for attracting butterflies and cutting for arrangements.

'Angel Cheeks'

A showy, shrubby perennial, 'Angel Cheeks' blooms in May to reveal double white blooms blushed pink with dorsal red striping on some of the petals. Hardy from Zones 3 to 8. 

'Prairie Moon'

Another shrubby perennial, this peony variety features pale yellow semi-double blooms with bright yellow center stamens. Fragrant and showy, 'Prairie Moon' attracts butterflies. 

'Miss America'

Great for borders, accents or hedges along fences, sidewalks, driveways or walls, this herbaceous peony produces large semi-double creamy white blooms with golden yellow centers. Hardy from zones 3 to 8. 

'Scarlet Heaven'

'Scarlet Heaven' is a Itoh hybrid with deep scarlet-colored single to semi-double blooms and golden stamens in the center. A compact bush, this variety blooms midseason.

'Marshmallow Puff'

'Marshmallow Puff' blooms later in the peony season, showing elegant white and fluffy flowers. Requires full sun and makes a great cut flower.

'Krinkled White'

Preferring full sun to part shade and rich, fertile, medium, well-drained soil, 'Krinkled White' produces crinkled petals with yellow stamens in the center. Low-maintenance and reliable, this variety makes great cut flowers. Hardy in zones 3 to 8, it grows to 2 to 3 feet tall.  

'Pink Hawaiian Coral'

'Pink Hawaiian Coral' features a more intense pink than other corals and also features cream colored carpels and yellow stamens in the center. 

'Sweet Sixteen'

'Sweet Sixteen' yields ball-shaped double blooms in pale pink. Lightly fragrant, this variety grows sturdy and upright and blooms midseason.

'Many Happy Returns'

Plant this peony for rich red hues in the landscape and to cut for flowers. 'Many Happy Returns' is hardy from zones 3 to 8. 

'Dr. Alexander Fleming'

Fragrant with fully double, pink blooms, the stunning 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' adds interest to any landscape and also serves beautifully as cut flowers. Needing full sun to part shade, this bright bloomer is hardy in zones 3 to 8. 

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