13 Unique Roses to Grow

Looking for a rose with exceptional fragrance, color or performance? Try one of these outstanding beauties.

Photo By: Jackson and Perkins

Photo By: David Austin Roses

Photo By: Jackson & Perkins

Photo By: Jackson and Perkins

Photo By: David Austin Roses

Photo By: Jackson and Perkins

Photo By: David Austin Roses

Photo By: Jackson and Perkins

Photo By: David Austin Roses

Photo By: David Austin Roses

Photo By: David Austin Roses

'Busy Bee' Rose

Opt for ‘Busy Bee’ if you’re planting in a small space or container. This miniature hybrid tea has very good resistance to cold and stands up well to summer heat and humidity. The flowers start out apricot, peach and coral, gradually fading to light and hot pink at the edges. For best results, keep the plants deadheaded.

'Princess Alexandra of Kent' David Austin Rose

Named for a cousin to Queen Elizabeth, ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ has huge, pink blooms surrounded by an outer ring of soft pink petals. Its tea rose fragrance changes to a lemon scent, with hints of blackberry, before the flowers fade. Grow this David Austin Rose for its unusually large blooms, which have up to 130 petals each. It's among the most fragrant English roses, with high tolerance to heat and humidity. 

'Flawless' Rose

'Flawless' is a Flora-Tea rose, a special type of rose developed by Jackson & Perkins that combines desirable characteristics of hybrid teas and floribundas. The plants have pastel pink, fully double blooms with a raspberry fragrance. The flowers grow almost 4 inches across on long stems and open in waves throughout the summer. ‘Flawless’ tolerates the heat and humidity in southern and western gardens.

'Lavender Veranda' Rose

Compact ‘Lavender Veranda’, like other roses in the Veranda series, is great as a patio plant, but it also flourishes in a sunny garden spot. This floribunda has dense,"old-fashioned" blooms. It's exceptionally cold hardy, recommended for zones 5 to 9, and holds up well in hot, humid weather. 

'Winchester Cathedral' David Austin English Rose

Try ‘Winchester Cathedral’ in mixed borders. This shrub blooms unusually early in the growing season, forming double white flowers brushed with buff-pink in the centers. In warm weather, the old rose fragrance becomes stronger, perfuming the air with the scent of honey and almond blossoms.

Rose 'Carefree Spirit'

'Carefree Spirit' is a breakthrough--a shrub rose that is truly hardy. This bright red rose is an AAS winner with great disease resistance.

‘Brilliant Veranda’ Rose

This floribunda rose is outstanding for its nearly glowing, red-orange blooms.. The full flowers may remind you of lush English roses. Bred especially for containers, 'Brilliant Veranda' is stunning when combined with annuals or perennials and also thrives in a sunny bed or border.

'Grace' David Austin English Rose

Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit, ‘Grace’ has apricot-colored blooms that combine beautifully with dark red and purple flowers and foliage. Grow this tree rose for its repeat blooms, warm perfume and exceptionally healthy performance in the garden.

'Cream Veranda' Rose

For roses you can enjoy in containers on your deck or patio, try 'Cream Veranda'. These plants were bred to thrive in containers until fall, when they can be transplanted into your garden. The flowers have creamy, double blooms with apricot centers and open to 2-½ inches across.

'The Lady of the Lake' David Austin Rose

'The Lady of the Lake’ is a rather rare combination: a repeat-bloomer and a rambling rose. Its slender, flexible stems grow 10 to 12 feet in length, and the blush-pink flowers have a fresh, citrus fragrance. Use it on a pergola, arch, arbor, wall or other structure, or let it form a small tree.

'The Poet's Wife' - David Austin English Rose

A 2016 introduction, ‘The Poet’s Wife' is only the 16th yellow rose among all the David Austin roses. Its perfume is described as old rose, with hints of lemon rind, peach and mango, a fruity-citrusy blend that becomes sweeter as the flowers age. This bush rose grows to 4 feet tall. 

'Olivia Rose Austin' - David Austin English Rose

A pink rose that rosarian David Austin himself calls “possibly the best rose we’ve ever bred,” ‘Olivia Rose Austin’ blooms up to three weeks earlier than most English roses. The soft pink flowers have a fruity scent and are backed by dark green foliage; the bushes grow to 3-½ feet tall and have strong disease-resistance.

'Easy Does It' Rose

'Easy Does It' was the All American Rose Selections winner in 2010. It's a floribunda with ruffled blooms in shades of peach, mango and apricot; the flowers have a sweet, fruity fragrance. 

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