Go Hydrangea-Crazy With These Cool New Varieties

Have a passion for these fabulous summer flowers? Like lots of other gardeners, you've got hydrangeamania.

Photo By: Endless Summer

Photo By: Endless Summer

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Photo By: First Editions

Photo By: First Editions

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Photo By: First Editions

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Photo By: ProvenWinners.com

Photo By: ProvenWinners.com

Hydrangea 'Summer Crush'

It’s easy to fall in love with new 'Summer Crush’, a reblooming hydrangea with flowers that range from raspberry-red to neon purple. The shrubs are happy in full sun to part shade, and at 2-1/2' tall, they're compact enough to grow in containers. 'Summer Crush' goes on sale in the spring of 2019.

Hydrangea 'BloomStruck'

Don’t stress about pruning 'BloomStruck' hydrangeas. These reblooming shrubs flower on old wood (growth from the previous year) and new wood. But to encourage lots of blooms for the coming year, don't prune your plants after the first of August. (This beauty doesn’t need drastic pruning anyway.) 'BloomStruck' is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9 and bears purple, deep pink or blue flowers, depending on the pH of the soil. Give the plants full sun to part shade.

Hydrangea 'Berry White'

You'll need a little patience to score a 'Berry White' hydrangea. Like 'Summer Crush,' these low-maintenance shrubs won't be available in garden centers until the spring of 2019. In most soils, their big, cone-shaped flowers open white and turn dark pink, but your pH and climate can affect the color. This new Hydrangea paniculata takes full sun to part shade. Hardy in Zones 3-8, it grows 6-7’ tall.

Hydrangea 'Jetstream'

In summer, 'Jetstream' bears lime green flowers that turn pure white as they open. As they age, the blooms become soft pink. After the temperatures drop in fall and the plants go dormant, the blooms dry to tan and brown; if you like, leave them on the stems for winter interest. Try 'Jetstream' hydrangeas as a backdrop for shorter plants or grow them in masses for a hedge or screen.

Hydrangea 'Jetstream' in Fall

Hydrangeas are showstoppers in the summer garden, but many have fabulous fall foliage, too. As the weather cools down, the leaves on 'Jetstream’ change from dark green to orange-red. The plants also have peeling, brown bark that makes them attractive even in the winter. This oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) is hardy in Zones 5-8 and reaches 6' tall.

Hydrangea 'Miss Saori'

Unlike many hydrangeas, 'Miss Saori' keeps its original flower color, no matter what kind of soil you have. The shrubs produce doubled, white blooms edged in soft rose-pink that last into the fall. Hardy in Zones 5-9, these mophead hydrangeas, which were bred in Tokyo, prefer full to partial sun. Try them in the border or containers, where they’ll grow to about 40" tall.

Hydrangea 'Strawberry Sundae'

Think vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries. The blooms on 'Strawberry Sundae’ start out creamy white and change from pink to strawberry red as the nights grow cooler. Recommended for Zones 3-8, this hydrangea tops out at 4-5’ high, so it fits nicely in small garden spaces or containers. Snip the flowers to make fresh bouquets or let them dry for long-lasting arrangements.

Hydrangea 'Tuff Stuff'

'Tuff Stuff’ really is a toughie. This reblooming mountain hydrangea (Hydrangea serrata) is hardy in Zones 5-9 and tolerates the cold better than its big-leaf hydrangea relatives. Its flowers are green and deep red-pink, but their color will vary, depending on the soil's pH. Don’t prune 'Tuff Stuff' until new growth appears in the spring, and then remove only the dead wood.

Hydrangea 'Zinfin Doll'

If you just can't wait for your hydrangeas to bloom each year, plant 'Zinfin Doll’, a variety that flowers early. It’s a heavy bloomer, too, with lots of white flowers that mature to dark pinkish-red from the base up. Cold climate gardeners, plant these shrubs, which are hardy in Zones 3-8, in a location that gets at least six hours of sun a day. Warm climate gardeners should give them a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade. 'Zinfin Doll’ has shallow roots, so help it retain moisture with a 2-3" layer of mulch.

Hydrangea 'Bobo'

Dwarf 'Bobo’ has large, white blooms supported by sturdy stems. When autumn arrives and the temperatures drop, the flowers turn pink. Use the shrubs, which grow to about 3’ tall, as a thriller element in big containers or plant them in a sunny garden spot in Zones 3-8.

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