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20 Childhood Homes of the World's Most Fascinating People

Everybody's got to start somewhere.

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Photo: Getty Images/Max Shen

John Lennon

The residence of his aunt Mimi and her husband, this semi-detached home in the middle-class Liverpool suburb of Woolton was home to John Lennon from the age of 5 through to adulthood. Lennon was sent here by his struggling mother, although she visited often. Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, purchased the home in 2002, saving it from demolition. She donated it, in turn, to the U.K.’s conservation service, the National Trust.

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Photo: Sebastia Giralt, flickr

John F. Kennedy

In an upstairs bedroom of this two-and-a-half story home in Brookline, Massachusetts, the 35th President of the United States was born on May 29, 1917. John F. Kennedy lived for a decade at 83 Beals Street until the Kennedy family moved to New York City in the late 1920s. Today, the home has been renovated to look like it did when JFK lived here and is open for tours.

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Photo: Getty Images/Catherine McGann

Andy Warhol

At age 6, the larger-than-life pop artist Andy Warhol moved into this ordinary three-story, yellow-brick home in a modest corner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Warhol lived here for 15 years until he left for New York City in 1949; he learned to use a camera in the basement’s fruit cellar.

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Photo: Getty Images/Dana Nalbandian

Kurt Cobain

The godfather of grunge, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain lived in this small home in Aberdeen, Washington, from 1968 to 1976. Tributes to the band Iron Maiden, etched by Kurt himself, are still on display in the musician’s former bedroom. The place went on the market a few years ago, take a peek.

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