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10 Iconic Locations From "Jaws" and What They Look Like Today

By: Emily Nonko

From the Brody House to Quint's Shack, we tracked down the real-life locations of several memorable properties.

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Photo: iStock/Whitepointer

Find Out Where “Jaws” Was Filmed

More than forty summers ago — way back in 1974 — "Jaws" took moviegoers by storm. The work of up-and-coming director Steven Spielberg, dealing with pneumatically-powered prop sharks and seasick actors, came to be seen as the first-ever summer blockbuster. Though the film takes place in the fictional town of Amity Island in New York, it was actually filmed throughout Martha's Vineyard, Mass. (Long Island was considered "too busy" — the filmmakers wanted an island that would feel eerily empty to filmgoers.) Over the years, Martha's Vineyard has become a popular summer destination for the rich and famous, but remnants of the iconic film remain. Browse our gallery to find out where the “Jaws” movie cast and crew filmed your favorite scenes, plus see what those spots look like today.

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Photo: Then & Now Movie Locations; Google Maps

The Brody House | 265 East Chop Drive | Vineyard Haven, Mass.

Martin Brody, Amity's chief of police, emerges as the hero in the first film and its sequel, "Jaws 2." His charming oceanside house, featured in the film, was torn down to the first floor in real life in 2002. The newly-built residence, the shingled home pictured below, is pretty much unrecognizable from Brody's home in the film.

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Photo: Then & Now Movie Locations; Google Maps

Amity Police Department | 33 North Summer Street | Edgartown, Mass.

Brody types up the first "shark attack" report at the Police Department. The department interiors were actually filmed inside this historic clapboard Martha's Vineyard home. The property is also believed to be one of the production offices for the film.

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Photo: Then & Now Movie Locations; Google Maps

The Amity Gazette | South Water Street | Edgartown, Mass.

Just a few blocks away from the police department you'll find the Amity Gazette, home to the local newspaper pushing out news of shark attacks. Today, the building still stands with residences inside.

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