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Make Frightening Garden Silhouettes for Halloween

Decorate your home and yard this Halloween with simple and elegant garden silhouettes.

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Garage Door Pumpkin Patch

Decorate your garage doors this Halloween with vinyl decals. All you need are some sheets of adhesive vinyl, scissors and a little bit of time! We cut out a majestic buck looking out over a pumpkin patch while a colony of bats soars into the sky behind him. If your garage door rolls up and down, be sure to cut the vinyl at each seam in the door so the panels can move freely as the door opens.

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Zombies In The Garden

Add a spooky twist to the garden with a few zombie or mummy hands reaching up from the ground. Look for sheets of thin, black plastic to cut your hands out of. You can either hang them on the wall of your house, or attach them to stakes and plant them in the middle of your flower beds. If you're not sure how to draw hands, just grab a bright light and partner and trace the shadows of their hands so you know exactly where to cut.

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Trick-Or-Treaters On The Lawn

This garden gnome and his scarecrow friend are ready for an evening of welcoming trick-or-treaters to the door! You can fill their little baskets with candy or toys for the kids to pick up on their way by. If you have the right tools, cut these yard silhouettes out of plywood and paint them black to create yard ornaments that will last for many years. If all you have is a box cutter, you can cut these figures out of foam core for a fun decoration that will last for the season.

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Black Cats

If you want to add one more layer of complexity to your yard silhouettes, try creating glowing eyes. For these black cats we cut moon shapes out for their eyes, and mounted small, battery powered lights behind them.

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