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Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Fill your Easter baskets with real grass that you can grow in as little as a week.

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How to Grow Wheatgrass for Easter

This year, decorate your Easter baskets with real grass! This project is so easy and inexpensive that you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with the fake stuff. Children (and everyone else in your family, too) will love watching wheatgrass grow in the windowsill as they count down to the Easter bunny’s arrival.

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You Will Need

Wheatberries (wheat seeds) / plastic saucer or container / potting soil / plastic wrap / Easter basket or other decorative container.

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Where to Find Wheat Seeds

Wheat seeds, known as wheat berries or wheatberries, are unprocessed wheat kernels used to make homemade flour or prepared and eaten like rice or quinoa. They can also be sprouted to grow wheatgrass, a popular, healthy ingredient in juice and smoothie recipes. It also makes great Easter grass! You can find wheat berries in health food stores and garden centers. Most carry two options: Hard red wheat or soft white wheat—both are suitable for this project.

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Step 1: Soak the Wheat Berries

Fill a small dish of wheat berries with water and soak overnight.

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