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Acorn Place Card Holders

Add some whimsy to your Thanksgiving table with these simple acorn place card holders.
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Acorn Place Card Holder

Bring some charm to your table with these adorable acorn place card holders.

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Paint the Eggs

You will need: Wooden craft eggs with a flat bottom/ brown craft paint (we used milk chocolate)/ paint brush and paper/ drill with small drill bit/ heavy gauge wire/ vice grips/ sisal rope/ hot glue gun and glue stick/ scissors/ card stock/ marker. First step: paint the eggs. It might take a couple of coats.

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Drill a hole in the very top center of the egg.

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Create the Card Holder

with the end of the wire firmly in the vice grips, twist the wire around 5 times and remove. Bend the wire down at the end to create a long stem.

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