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The 12 Holiday Guests You'll Encounter + How to Prepare for Them

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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They Come With a Clan of Kids

Gone are the days of clinking champagne coupes and swinging from the chandelier in reindeer antlers and tacky Christmas sweaters. Your friends have decided to reproduce, and as a result, there are kiddos crashing the annual holiday shindig. Solution? A well-stocked, Christmas-themed coloring corner for the kids. For the adults? A well-stocked, Christmas-themed bar cart corner. 

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

Pet Fête

Some besties brings their babies and some pals pack their pets. Prepare for the pooches and all of their darling dander with some old-fashioned hooch and a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Air diffusors, stove-top scents and strong candles will keep your space smelling fresh, while baking soda works wonders on any fabrics your furry guests come in contact with. 

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Photo: iStock/Deagreez

All Fun + Games (Until They Overstay)

Concerned your guests are literally squatting in your living room? Fear not, friends. Lure them from your couch by telling them your Wi-Fi has mysteriously stopped working (read: your trusty internet provider temporarily turned it off). Even more devastating? Your wine supply is officially depleted (i.e. hidden under your bed). No internet, no booze—that's no bueno. They'll be out the door before you even get the chance to wish them a Happy New Year. 

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Photo: Flynnside Out Productions. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

Too Much of a Good Thing

That one friend who always seems to over-booze it is making an appearance at your holiday party. Save them from themselves at this year's get-together. Our solution? Load their plate high with irresistable (carb-heavy) snacks to soak up all the liquid fun. 

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