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10 DIY Holiday Centerpieces That Aren't Cut Flowers

Make your own non-floral centerpiece for the holidays that will last all season long. Using simple DIY techniques, these festive centerpiece ideas will be the perfect addition to your table before and after your holiday parties.

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Candy Cane Village

Classic candy canes become a nontraditional centerpiece to modernize your table. Glue unwrapped candy canes to the bottom of a wooden plate. Crush a few more candy canes, then glue those pieces around the bottom of the standing candy canes.

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Glitz and Glam

No holiday decor is complete without glitter. You'll need a white table runner, letter stickers, spray adhesive and gold glitter. First, spell out your seasonal phrase (we chose "Fa La La La La"). Add your phrase onto the runner with the sticker letters. Spray all around the letters with spray adhesive, then pour on the glitter. You'll want to push the glitter into the adhesive a bit. Then "Shake It Off" ala Taylor Swift and save the extra glitter for another project.

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Organic Flair

Update a few basic hurricane candles with seasonal spices and greens, like cinnamon sticks, moss and foraged branches. With a bit of glue, attach your decor all around the the candle in an organic way. This is the perfect way to add a rustic touch to a modern dining room.

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Green Touches

Can you believe that this beautiful garland centerpiece is made completely out of faux greens? (Tip: Even if you don't like the whole string of faux greens at the craft store, buy a few different ones and mix three or four varieties together. It gives more texture and realism to your garland.) I added some shimmer (because it's Christmas!) by spray-painting a few of the leaves gold. Finish the look by accenting your garland with taper candles in metallic holders.

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