10 Creative Milk and Cookie Ideas for Santa

Go beyond chocolate chip cookies, and make one of these special treats for Santa this holiday season.

By: Abigail Barnes
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Red Velvet Cookies for Two

Serve a holiday treat for Mr. and Mrs. Claus this Christmas by attaching labeled tags made from Washi tape to milk bottles and serving them with classic red velvet in cookie form.

Hot Coffee and Biscotti

The kids know Santa will be staying up late to deliver gifts around the world. Brew a large cup of coffee, and pair it with almond biscotti for a delicious snack.

Printable Gingerbread Man Tag

Spruce up any sweet snack for Santa with a gingerbread man cookie tag. To do this, download our free printable tag pattern, and print on cardstock. Cut the circles with scissors or a 3-inch circle punch, hole punch the top and tie with coordinating ribbon or string. Use these as gift tags or cute place cards. Download the free gingerbread man tag here>>

Chocolate Milk With Gingerbread Cookie Rim

Take chocolate milk to the next level by adding a gingerbread rim to a martini glass. To make, moisten the rim with simple or chocolate syrup. Turn the glass upside down and firmly dip it in a saucer filled with finely crushed gingerbread cookies. 

Sugar Cookie Stack With Milk Shot

We all know that one cookie isn't enough. Have your kids help bake a dozen holiday-shaped sugar cookies, and let them decorate any way they like. To make them more festive, tie with red ribbon and serve with shots of milk.

Printable Milk Carton

A paper chalkboard-like milk carton is a modern take on traditional milk and cookies. Download and print our free carton pattern on regular white card stock. Cut out the design, and use scissors or an X-acto knife to score on the dotted lines. Fold and use double-sided tape to finish the carton. Fill it up with any treat, and have the kids draw and write Santa messages with metallic pens. Download the free carton pattern here>>

Vanilla Steamer With Cookie Straw

It's cold outside, so treat Santa to a hot vanilla steamer. To make, heat up a mug of milk, and add up to two teaspoons vanilla extract. Stir in one teaspoon granulated sugar, and sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon on top. Add a cookie straw to make an extra sweet treat your kids will love, too.

Printable Holiday Favor Bag

Need a sweet surprise that travels well? Package cookies-to-go. To make, download our free printable favor bag pattern on cardstock. Cut it out and use scissors or an X-acto knife to score on the dotted line; fold in half.

Grab a 3.5-inch wide cellophane party treat bag, and get the kids to fill with Santa's favorite treats. Staple the top to seal. Download the free printable favor tag here>>

Cookie Bottom Milkshake

Skip the regular milk and cookies for Santa, and make him a cookie bottom milkshake instead. To make, blend one cup vanilla ice cream, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, two tablespoons sugar and 1/2 cup milk. Warm up your favorite cookie or brownie until soft, crumble and place in the bottom of a glass using a spoon. Pour the milkshake over the cookies and you have a treat that Santa can't refuse.

Muffin Tin Dessert

It's all about presentation when it comes to impressing Santa. Bake your favorite vanilla cupcakes recipe and top each with a miniature red velvet cookie. Have the kids decorate a muffin tin with festive paper, and place the cupcakes inside. 

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