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40 Adorable Small Dog Breeds We Love

Small dogs are playful and snuggly. They also love to spend time with their humans. Here are our absolute favorite small dog breeds.

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Photo: Shutterstock/Irina Nedikova

Cute and Cuddly Small Dogs

There’s just something special about small dog breeds. They’re cute, cuddly and affectionate. They love to play and spend time with their humans. They have energy to burn, but then they are all geared up for a snuggle session on the sofa. Ready to add a small dog to your family? Whether you live in the city or the 'burbs, we’ve got you covered with the right doggo to meet your needs.

From the dainty papillon that loves to spread kisses to the spunky miniature bull terrier that’s energetic and exuberant, we think you’ll find your match. There are designer dogs on this list, too — cross breeds that couldn’t get more cute and cuddly, like the cavapoo and yorkipoo. Adorable. Here are 40 of our favorite small dog breeds, including toy dog breeds and miniature dog breeds.

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Photo: Shutterstock/Dmitriy Kostylev

Welsh Corgi

Corgis have long been a popular small breed choice, in large part because of Queen Elizabeth II. Since she became queen 70+ years ago she has owned more than 30 corgis. While corgis can weigh up to 30 pounds, many still consider this sturdy pup to be a small breed dog, maybe because of its signature short legs. There are two separate breeds, the Cardigan Welsh corgi and the Pembroke Welsh corgi, but both are laid-back, fun-loving and eager to spend time with family.

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Photo: Shutterstock/Fayzulin Serg


The papillon is a playful teacup-sized dog. As they say, he may be small, but he is mighty. This pup tops out at only 10 pounds, but he’s energetic and exuberant. The papillon derived its name from the butterfly look of its wing-shaped ears. This dainty dog has a long, silky coat and loves to freely spread kisses. The outgoing papillon is just as happy spending time on your lap as he is running laps around the backyard.

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Photo: Shutterstock/BIGANT.COM

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The noble and affable cavalier King Charles spaniel tops out at just 18 pounds, yet he’s one of the largest of the small breed dogs. These gentle pups are good with children, they are eager to please, and they rarely bark. This friendly breed loves to shower owners with affection, making the cavalier King Charles spaniel a good choice for empty nesters in a quiet house. According to the American Kennel Club, this breed excels as a therapy dog thanks to its warm, loving nature.

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