10 Dog Breeds That Won't Shed All Over Your House

Since not everyone has time to patrol the house with a super-sticky lint roller, here are our favorite dog breeds that are both hypoallergenic and unlikely to shed all over your furniture.

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Poodles have long been a popular breed of dog in America, even if they only topped out at #11 among the most hashtagged dog breeds. Whether a standard, toy or miniature, poodles are smart, respectful and largely free of allergens. These pups are also nearly odorless. A real win-win, especially for pet owners eager to keep their homes free of musky pooch odor, like eau de wet dog. Stinky. Poodles may not shed, but keep their coats trimmed to avoid tangles in their curly and wiry fur.


Whether miniature, standard or giant, the schnauzer is a breed that won’t leave you scrambling to roll pet hair off the furniture moments before company arrives. Thanks to wiry shed-free coats, this doggo is very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, so you also won’t see pup hair drifting through the air. Brush him weekly, but then let him cozy up on your lap to catch up on your shows. This loyal and playful pup enjoys time at the dog park, so get him outside for exercise and socialization.

Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is an optimal pick for those prone to allergies. These social pups are clever and friendly. They’re even good listeners. As in, easy to train. Keep their hypoallergenic coats clipped regularly, and this lap dog will be an allergen-free friend for life. Given their small size, the bichon frise is also among the best dog breeds for apartment dwellers. They don’t need a lot of exercise, but these adorable doggos may appreciate a romp around the neighborhood.


Despite being one of the more obscure dog breeds, the elegant saluki is in fact the royal dog of Egypt. First bred in the Fertile Crescent, a crescent-shaped area of the Middle East, the saluki is known for its greyhound-like body and the silky hair on their ears. These dogs are gentle and agile but not known for shedding thanks to a very short, flat coat. As for grooming, a brush is only needed for his ears and the hair between his toes.


Most hybrid "oodle" breeds, like labradoodles, goldendoodles and schnoodles, do not shed thanks to their allergen-free poodle genes. The labradoodle - a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever - boasts the best qualities of both breeds. He’s a clever, social and friendly pooch that enjoys a few good pets and likes to be active. Much like his poodle parent, the labradoodle won’t shed (or will shed very lightly), but he should be clipped every two to three months to avoid unsightly tangles.

Scottish Terrier

Much like the Maltese terrier, the Scottish terrier is well-known as a low- to no-shed dog breed. Nearly all terriers have this in common. They also share a longer-than-average lifespan of 12+ years. This sturdy pup has short legs so he won’t do much to help you train for a 10K, but he will be a loyal pal, right by your side most other times. Even better, he’s super low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, so there’s more time for play with this furry pooch.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian greyhound may be the easiest of all dog breeds to groom. Not only does this breed not shed, but their short, silky coats need little more than a dry-off with a fluffy towel after a bath. As in, no brush required for this pooch. However, a warm coat is a must. Because the Italian greyhound is slim and lean with very fine hair, he can lose body heat quickly. Keep him warm with a coat or sweater when outside on a walk.

Maltese Terrier

The Maltese terrier is - in one word - adorable. These pint-size lap pups have silky white coats you won’t mind brushing while you catch up on Netflix. However, you won’t need to groom this pooch often to keep the sofa free from pet hair. This doggo sheds very little, if at all, making him a perfect pick for allergy sufferers eager for a furry friend. The Maltese terrier is curious and polite. For many first-time dog owners, this pup is an optimal choice.


Known as Africa’s "Barkless Dog," the adorable pint-size basenji is said to have more of a yodel than a bark (just look up the YouTube videos). So yes, this pup has a voice, even if it’s not a traditional bark. The basenji is also known for its fine coat of hair that sheds very little, if at all, keeping your sofas largely free of pet hair. Keep this pooch active for mental acuity, and he’ll be an adept and loyal friend for life.

Shih Tzu

The loyal and pleasant-natured shih tzu is a dream doggo for allergy sufferers. This precious pooch is hypoallergenic and is not prone to shedding. However, we should place an asterisk here. The shih tzu has two layers of hair. When this pup sheds his undercoat, the hair gets caught up in the longer top coat of hair. Take a brush to the shih tzu and you may find hairs from his undercoat in the bristles. However, it’s not likely you’ll need to have a lint roller at the ready anytime you walk around your house.

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