12 On-the-Go Games to Play on Your Family Vacation

Don't let a rainy day at the beach or while camping ruin your vacation. Stow these easy-to-pack games in your luggage to pass those drizzling hours with full-on fun.

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June 26, 2019

Go With the Classics

Pack a pair of timeless games in your suitcase with ease. All the pieces you need for checkers and backgammon get stored in this handy bag, which has the game boards printed on opposite sides.

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Who Has Doubles?

Not just for toppling-over, dominos are an enjoyable way to get the entire crew (no matter how big!) involved. With a plethora of versions to play — chicken foot, Mexican train, spinner and so much more — one set of dominos will keep you all entertained for hours.

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Wakey Wakey

This clever card game was invented by a six-year-old one night when she couldn't fall asleep. With dragons, knights, potions, magic wands, and of course, sleeping queens, this game is easy to play but oh-so-fun. Wake the most queens and you win!

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Stack the Deck

No trip is complete without a deck of cards tucked in your bag. This gorgeous set has the full spectrum of the rainbow, adding brilliant color to your typical hand. Go ahead, challenge your family to a game of spades, gin rummy or poker — whoever loses has to clean up the kitchen or campsite.

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Going for 10

This fast-paced game is a race to see who can get all 10 of their dice to show the same number. TENZI can be played by even the youngest kiddo in your group, since you're only making all the dice match. Ready, Set, Go!

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Brain Twister

When one of your kiddos (or grown-ups for that matter) needs solo play time, this logic game will captivate and challenge the mind. IQ Twist is an amusing alternative to digital devices, and its compact design also makes it a smart game to have in the car when traveling to and from your vacation destination.

Buy It: Walmart, $6.86

Match This Up

No board required and all 108 wood blocks stow away in the provided bag, making Qwirkle an easy one to tote on your vacation. Just find a flat surface and let the games begin. Players match up the abstract designs and colors without repeating them in the same line. The rules are easy but developing a smart strategy for all your pieces is what's made this an award-winning family game.

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No to Rats, Yes to Cats

Often, the best games are helping our kids hone essential skills without them even knowing it. Rat-A-Tat-Cat works on basic math and teaches memory and timing, all as you play to get your score down to the lowest possible.

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Puzzle It Out

Find a flat surface at your vacation rental that's a little out of the way and clear it off for a puzzle you can work on throughout your entire trip. On rainy mornings or when taking a break during the heat of the day, your group can put it together piece by piece. Look for one that's rated for kids around eight and up, but still has 500 to 1,000 pieces. You can help younger kids by showing them where pieces go, while making it challenging for all the adults.

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Ask Anything

This on-the-go version of Loaded Questions allows you to bring the entertainment of the original board game in a much smaller package. With 200 new family-friendly questions to ask, you'll spend hours laughing as you get to know each other better.

Buy It: Walmart, $22.67

Take Me on an Adventure

Get everyone's creativity flowing with StoryCubes. This complete set comes with four pocket-size bags, including the Original, Actions, Voyages and Fantasia, to give prompts for creating the most magical of tales. Simply roll the cubes and start telling your story.

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Word Up

Bring the fun of Scrabble on your trip without having to lug around the board. Made portable with its handy banana-shaped pouch, this word game is fast paced and competitive with each player creating their own crossword puzzle. Be the first to use all your tiles and yell, "Banana!" to win.

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