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One Dough, Three Designer-Worthy Gingerbread Houses

With one simple gingerbread dough recipe and one easy royal icing recipe you can make three stylish gingerbread houses this holiday season.

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One Basic Dough Can Make Three Stunning Houses

This holiday season, craft up a project that's fun for the entire family. Beautiful gingerbread houses are easy to construct with a sturdy dough recipe and a thick royal icing to keep all the pieces intact. Learn how to make miniature Victorian, log cabin and Cape Cod homes from edible pieces this winter.

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Make a Victorian-Style Gingerbread House

An elegant Victorian-inspired gingerbread house decked out in yellow icing and dusted in powdered sugar "snow" makes for a cheerful holiday display. Get the step-by-step instructions.

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Cut Out Gingerbread Pieces

After rolling out gingerbread dough, use the Victorian house template to cut out house pieces with a sharp knife.

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Bake Pieces and Re-Cut

After baking, re-cut the gingerbread pieces to ensure they will fit together perfectly when assembled.

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