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DIY Flower Girl Skirt

This cute skirt is filled with flower petals and simple enough to make in a day.

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Flower Girl Skirt

Little flower girls are sure to love this bright, floral skirt on the day of the wedding, and many days after. Bright petals float in layers of tulle: perfect for twirling in. As a bonus, this skirt is simple to make, even if you are new to sewing.

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To create your flower girl skirt you will need elastic for the waist band, about a yard of tulle (measure for size before buying so you will know how much you need), thread and a needle or sewing machine and silk flowers. Although you can use real flowers, you will have to make the skirt the day of and it won't last much beyond the wedding day.

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Cut your Tulle

Before cutting your tulle you will need the measurement of your flower girl's waist and a measurement for length, usually from the waist to just below the knee. Cut a rectangle that is double the waist measurement and 4 times the length measurement. If your waist is 20" and length is 15" then your tulle should be 40" x 60." Lay flat and fold the short ends toward the center. (Using our example measurements your folded tulle should measure 40" x 30") This will create 2" pockets you will fill with flowers.

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Add Elastic

Place your elastic across the center of the tulle where the folded edges meet. Fold the tulle in half over the elastic. Using our example measurements your rectangle should now measure 40" x 15."

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