Create a Festive Holiday Kids' Table

Kids don't have to be banished to a bare card table. Create a playful and fun setting just for them to stimulate their imaginations and encourage creativity.

Fanciful and Functional

Use bright and colorful plates and tablemats to set a cheery tone at the table. A white cotton twill card table slipcover provides a neutral backdrop and is washable in the event of spills. Heavy-duty plastic plates look like ceramic, but won't break if dropped.

Pint-Sized Luxury

Provide kids with luncheon-sized linen napkins and silver salad forks and dessert spoons. They can enjoy the luxury pieces from the adult table on a smaller scale.

It's Okay to Play

Drop straws with candy cane striping into each glass tumbler. This is a table where it's okay to blow a few bubbles in your drink.

Yummy Arrangement

Tuck artificial candy cane spheres into a glittered lime box. Use a foam ball to hold arrangement in place. Centerpieces that don't involve water or breakable pieces are ideal for a kids' table in case it is knocked over.

Keep it Simple

Finish the kid-friendly arrangement with red feathers, shatter-proof glittered Christmas ornaments and fresh greenery trimmed from a tree.

Patterns and Colors

One of the keys to a charming kids' table is layering patterns and colors. Polka dots on the plates reference spheres in the centerpiece. The lime houndstooth pattern in the placemats coordinates with the glittered Chinese takeout-style box that holds the arrangement.

Create Custom Chalkboards

Kids want something to play with before and after (and maybe even during) the meal. Individual chalkboards encourage them to use their creativity. Paint craft store chalkboards using candy apple red acrylic paint and a 1" artist brush. Use painter's tape to protect the slate surface. Allow paint to dry and remove tape.

Party Favor

The custom chalkboard not only helps to keep kids entertained and seated at the table; it can also double as a gift for them to take home.

Place Card and After-Dinner Treat

A gift tag tied around a candy cane becomes a place card as well as a treat for kids who eat all of their dinner. Write each child's name on a shipping tag with red permanent marker and layer over a large gift tag. Tie the tag onto a candy cane with ribbon and place on each slate next to a piece of chalk.

Not Just for Kids

This table is a perfect balance between cute and refined. You may even find some adults who wouldn't mind sitting at the kids' table!

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