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Create a Festive Holiday Kids' Table

Kids don't have to be banished to a bare card table. Create a playful and fun setting just for them to stimulate their imaginations and encourage creativity.
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Fanciful and Functional

Use bright and colorful plates and tablemats to set a cheery tone at the table. A white cotton twill card table slipcover provides a neutral backdrop and is washable in the event of spills. Heavy-duty plastic plates look like ceramic, but won't break if dropped.

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Pint-Sized Luxury

Provide kids with luncheon-sized linen napkins and silver salad forks and dessert spoons. They can enjoy the luxury pieces from the adult table on a smaller scale.

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It's Okay to Play

Drop straws with candy cane striping into each glass tumbler. This is a table where it's okay to blow a few bubbles in your drink.

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Yummy Arrangement

Tuck artificial candy cane spheres into a glittered lime box. Use a foam ball to hold arrangement in place. Centerpieces that don't involve water or breakable pieces are ideal for a kids' table in case it is knocked over.

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