Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make You Look Like a Baking Pro

Whether you're a baking novice or a holiday cookie expert, you'll love our collection of simple recipes to fill out your cookie plate.
By: Liz Gray

Photo By: Sweet Louise Photography

Photo By: Sweet Louise Photography

Photo By: Sweet Louise Photography

Photo By: Sweet Louise Photography

Photo By: Sweet Louise Photography

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Classic Sugar Cookies

Make this traditional cutout sugar cookie in your favorite holiday shapes with just six basic ingredients. Get the recipe.

Cashew Dulce De Leche Cookies

Dress basic sugar cookies up for the holidays with chopped cashews, cinnamon and a drizzle of dulce de leche. Get the recipe.

Classic Gingerbread Cookies

This sturdy dough is perfect for gingerbread architecture during the holiday season...or just traditional gingerbread men. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cutout Cookies

Sprinkle sparkling sanding sugar atop these cookies just before baking, or bake them plain and sandwich with nut butter or your favorite jam. Get the recipe.

Chocolate and Candied Orange Cutouts

Chocolate cookie dough gets a holiday upgrade from sweet candied orange topping. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-Vanilla Striped Cookies

These bakery-worthy cookies are simple to make. To get the striped effect, stack layers of vanilla and chocolate dough before cutting and baking each slice. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-Almond Biscotti

Chocolate, coffee and almonds mix together to make these sweet and crunchy Italian treats. Serve them with hot cocoa or cappuccinos for a truly seasonal accompaniment. Get the recipe.

Rugelach With Raisin-Walnut Filling

These Eastern European pastries are known for their crescent-roll shape, and can be filled with nuts, fruit preserves and spices before baking. Get the recipe.

French Madeleines

These sweet, buttery treats are especially delicious when dipped in melted chocolate. Get the recipe.

Jam-Filled Linzer Cookies

Raspberry and apricot jam are sandwiched between two buttery crusts with a small cutout on top to create this classic holiday dessert. Get the recipe.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Buttery, nutty Mexican wedding cookies are perfect for any festive occasion, especially the holidays. Get the recipe.

Gooey Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Part cookie, party brownie, this soft chocolate cookies are as simple as it gets. Since there's no creaming or rolling involved in this recipe, you can make them even if you're without a rolling pin or a mixer. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies

These two-layer cookies have a brownie base with a swirled cheesecake topper. Finished with a layer of chocolate chips, these super-rich bars will floor your chocolate-loving friends and family. Get the recipe.

Buttered Scotch Blondies

Swapping store-bought butterscotch chips for sugar, butter and good-quality Scotch whiskey make these easy-to-make blondies worthy of a holiday cookie plate. Get the recipe.

Champagne and Coconut Chocolate Truffles

This easy dessert is a great addition to a cookie plate. Mixing in Champagne and cognac before rolling in coconut makes these worthy of a gourmet chocolate shop. Get the recipe.

Cranberry-Orange Oatmeal Cookies

Comforting and classic, these are sure to please guests of all ages. Cranberries and orange zest add seasonal flavor. Get the recipe.

Mincemeat Thumbprint Cookies

Revive Grandma's holiday traditions with these mincemeat-filled thumbprint cookies. Despite the name, the filling is a mixture of fruit, nuts and spices — no meat here! Get the recipe.

Pecan Tassies

Like mini pecan pies, these tart-like cookies have a shortbread crust and a maple-pecan filling. Get the recipe.

Peppermint Bark Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate-peppermint bark is a fixture of the holiday season. Here, it gives chocolate cookies a seasonal twist. Get the recipe.

Tuxedo Cookies

Friends and family will flip for these crunchy, chocolatey cookies filled with rich mascarpone cream and then rolled in mini chocolate chips. Get the recipe.

Ganache-Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make this perennial favorite special enough for the holiday season by dipping each cookie into a simple-to-make chocolate ganache. Get the recipe.

Homemade Maple-Nut Toffee

Take the traditional taste of toffee up a notch with the addition of real maple syrup. It's perfect for holiday gift-giving or just enjoying yourself. Get the recipe.

Salted Caramel Brownies

Top dense chocolate brownies with a gooey salted caramel layer for a decadent dessert worthy of a special occasion. Get the recipe.

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