Winter Essentials: Our Top 13 Picks for Snow Removal

Fool's Spring and Second Winter are real, people. Prep for the next round of snow and ice with our top picks for scrapers, shovels and snow throwers.

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February 15, 2019

Waterproof Snow Boots

Before clearing any snow and ice from your driveway, it's essential to wear the right gear. Start with a pair of waterproof snow boots, like this set from GLOBALWIN. The rubber soles offer serious grip and traction, so you won't slip down the back steps, while the thick fleece lining will keep your feet and ankles warm in several inches of powder.

Buy It: Amazon, $41.99 - $53.99

Insulated Work Gloves

Don't forget to protect those digits! On your way out the door, grab a pair of insulated work gloves. These are made of synthetic leather and come with wing straps, so the gloves stay secured to your wrists. After an hour of shoveling or spreading ice-melting material on the sidewalk, your fingers will be so grateful for the extra warmth.

Buy It: Amazon, $14.75

Wind-Resistant Face Mask

The windchill is real. Instead of gritting your teeth and bearing the cold, tuck this full-coverage face mask under your coat. The lightweight, wind-resistant material will prevent you from sweating up a storm while still protecting your skin against the elements.

Buy It: Amazon, $39.56

Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Call us extra if you want to, but a set of safety goggles always comes in handy when you're using a snow thrower. These are adjustable, have an elastic strap for a comfortable fit and come with anti-fog lenses, so you can see no matter what temperature it is.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.99 (Originally $12.99)

Strain-Reducing Shovel

Now that you're properly dressed, we can finally talk tools. Do yourself a favor and get a strain-reducing shovel. With two ergonomic handles and a fulcrum-inspired design, this shovel gives leverage to the lower handle and allows you to lift piles of snow with ease. In turn, you won't have to bend down or risk throwing out your back. (Seriously, where was this shovel during the Polar Vortex?)

Buy It: Amazon, $22.57 (Originally $29.99)

Roof Rake

Remove any snow from your roof and gutters with the help of this roof rake, which has a reach of more than 20 feet. The tool comes with four sections that snap into place, so you can adjust the height as needed.

Buy It: Amazon, $68.41

Ice Scraper + Snow Brush

A reliable ice scraper never goes out of style. This one from Mallory USA has a two-in-one design, with a brush on one end and an ice scraper on the other. Keep it in the trunk of your car, and whip it out when you're ready to go somewhere.

Buy It: Amazon, $9.09

Heated Walkway Mat

As a resident of the Midwest (where it regularly snows), let me just say that heated walkway mats are a game changer. Made of anti-slip rubber, these mats add traction to your front steps while simultaneously melting precipitation around them.

Buy It: Amazon, $129

Corded Snow Thrower

When you're facing several feet of snow, it's time to break out the snow thrower. Though the gas-powered kind often allow for greater mobility, corded snow throwers are typically more affordable and easier to use, since you only need to push a button to start them. This machine from Greenworks is corded and compact, weighing only about 32 pounds. It can also discharge up to 20 feet of snow and has seven-inch wheels, which will help you maneuver from the backyard to the driveway in no time.

Buy It: Amazon, $125.80

Snow Thrower Cab

Anyone who's ever shoveled snow knows that strong winds can make it difficult to see where you're going. To prevent any mishaps and increase your visibility, add this vinyl cab to your winter arsenal. The cover easily attaches to most medium and large snow throwers and will shield you from severe winds.

Buy It: Amazon, $63.98 (Originally $99.99)

Vinyl Extension Cord

If you're working with a corded snow thrower, chances are you'll need an extension cord. We recommend this one from AmazonBasics, which will give you 100 extra feet of movement. Just plug the cable into an exterior outlet, and wrap it up when you're all set. The orange vinyl covering will protect it against moisture, abrasion and direct sunlight.

Buy It: Amazon, $24.99

Snow + Ice Repellant

Though built for the cold, your snow thrower also needs to be protected from the elements. Grab a can of snow and ice repellant and apply a thin layer of Teflon fluoropolymer and silicone to your equipment. This spray prevents ice buildup, frozen doors, and clogged augers and chutes. In other words? It's a necessity.

Buy It: Amazon, $12.62

Blended Ice-Melting Material

The last thing you and your neighbors need is an unexpected slip down the sidewalk. After you've cleared away the snow, lay down some ice-melting material. These colored crystals have been enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), so they work faster and more effectively. They're also eco-friendly, which the neighborhood pets will appreciate.

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