The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule: How + When to Clean Everything in Your House

Keep your home in tip-top shape with our step-by-step guide that walks you through what to clean and how frequently you should clean it.

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April 11, 2019

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Daily: The Pick Up

Clutter is the number one enemy of a clean house since it easily and quickly gets out of control. What could have been a 10-minute daily task turns into an hours-long chore during your weekend reset. Stay on top of the chaos by doing a quick walkthrough at the end of the day. Put any misplaced items back in their spots, organize shoes and coats by the door and sort through the mail.

Daily: Dishes

Our tried-and-true method: Empty the dishwasher in the morning so it's ready to take in all the dishes and cups used throughout the day. Before heading to bed, make sure all the dishes are loaded and press start.

Daily: Make Bed

If you find it arduous to perfectly place decorative pillows on a completely made bed, we're going to give you a little out. (And if you don't, by all means, embrace the pillows!) Be your own turn-down service. When you get out of bed, straighten the sheets, comforter and blankets, plump your pillows and then turn down the covers. Coming home to a bed that's tidy and ready for sleep is a relaxing end to any day. Plus, you don't even have to remove the extra pillows.

Daily: Wipe Down Countertops

After you've loaded the dirty dishes or finished your bedtime routine, do a quick wipe down of the kitchen and bathrooms countertops. It'll keep water stains at bay, sweep away any crumbs and guarantee sparkling surfaces in the morning.

Daily: Sweep Kitchen and Entry

No matter how neat you are at meal prep, the kitchen floor needs frequent sweeping to keep it crumb free. Be sure to also take a broom to the entryway since dirt and grass is easily tracked into the rest of the house from the outdoors.

Daily: Laundry

To keep your laundry piles manageable, we suggest throwing in at least one load a day, including the dreaded last step of putting the clothes in drawers and closets.

Weekly: Dust

Grab a microfiber cloth and work from the top down, dusting wood furniture, televisions and other electronics in each room of the house.

Weekly: Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum carpeting and rugs throughout the house, as well as hardwood and tile floors. Use attachments to get into dust-collecting corners and seams. Mop the hard surfaces, starting from the back corner of each room and working your way out.

Weekly: Clean Bathrooms

Pour toilet cleaner in the bowl and spray all-purpose cleaner in the bathtub and on the shower walls, allowing them to work while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Clean the countertops, sinks and outer surface of the toilet, wipe down mirrors, and then finish up the shower, bathtub and toilet bowl. Change out hand and bath towels, and empty the trash.

Weekly: Change Sheets

Strip the beds and wash all the sheets once a week. Make the beds back up with fresh linens for a delightfully refreshing bedtime.

Weekly: Kitchen Clean-Out

Go through your refrigerator, getting rid of anything that's expired. Also, wipe down grime and food from all appliances. Don't forget to clean inside your microwave. Pour a cup of water and white vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl, cook for 10 minutes and then wipe down the interior.

Monthly: Deep Dusting

Once a month, tackle all those random dusty places: blinds, moldings, vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures and the top of the refrigerator. Look for pesky cobwebs and get rid of them, too.

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Monthly: Detail Furniture

Vacuum upholstery. Make sure to remove cushions and get to all the hidden crumbs. Clean and condition leather and wooden furniture.

Monthly: Shower Curtain

Throw your shower liner in the washing machine to remove any dirt or mold. If doesn't come clean in the wash or is starting to look dingy, go ahead and replace it.

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Seasonally: Deep Clean Appliances

Revive your hard-working appliances by giving them a thorough interior cleaning. Clean inside your refrigerator and freezer. Remove the racks from your oven and wash by hand, while you set the oven to self-clean.

Seasonally: Windows

Wash windows inside and out. Your best bet is to use a squeegee. Whether you opt for store-bought glass cleaner or a homemade solution (equal parts white vinegar and hot water), wet the panes using a sponge or washcloth and then squeegee down from the top in straight strokes. Use a wet cloth to also wipe down the sill and in between the panes.

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Seasonally: Pillows and Comforters

Wash your comforters and pillow covers. Follow your care label instructions, but most pillows are able to be washed in your washing machine. It's also smart to refresh your pillows by hanging them outside to air out in the sun.

Yearly: The Hidden Spots

Move heavy pieces of furniture and appliances so you're able to clean underneath and behind them. Clean out the dryer duct, which can be a major fire hazard.

Yearly: Clean Curtains

Check the labels, as you may be able to put them in your washing machine for a quick at-home clean. If they require special care, drop them off at the dry cleaners.

Yearly: Wipe Down Walls

Make your whole house sparkle by removing fingerprints, smudges and stains from your walls. Start by dusting the walls — the brush attachment on your vacuum should do the trick. Lay towels at the baseboards to catch excess liquid and wipe the walls down with water, starting at the top and working your way down. If you have stubborn stains, add a little dishwashing soap to your water. Once you're done, dry the wall with a towel to prevent streaking and water damage.

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