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Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

There's nothing worse than being miserably sick and out of the very medicine that will make you feel better. Having a properly stocked medicine cabinet means you'll always have what you need on hand.

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Keeping a variety of different sized bandages will prevent you from getting caught unprepared just when you need one most. From small to large, waterproof to sensitive skin, patterned or skin-toned, a stockpile will never let you down.

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Some folks swear by ibuprofen, some prefer acetaminophen. Whichever works best for you, be sure to have some on hand for headaches, muscle and joint pain, and minor bumps and bruises.

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Allergy Medicine

No matter where you live, at some point in the year, there’s probably something that blooms outside, or kicks up indoors that will set off a storm of sneezing. If you have seasonal allergies, stock up on a once a day allergy medicine. If it’s once in a while thing, it’s still a good idea to have some antihistamine on hand for those random one-off occurrences of allergic reaction.

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Antibiotic Ointment

Keep these next to your bandages and you’ll be ready to treat cuts and scrapes, protecting from infection.

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