10 Household Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish does more than just make your nails pretty.

Waterproof Your Matches

Apply a coat of clear nail polish to the end of a match, and let dry. It'll still light even if it gets wet. But really, we submerged it in a cup of water and it still worked!

Thread a Needle With Ease

Don't spend countless minutes trying to pull the end of a thread through a needle. Apply a thin coat of polish to the end of the thread, and let dry. This makes it much easier to pull the thread through.

Waterproof Your Garden Markers

Protect your garden markers from the elements. Apply a couple coats of clear polish, letting dry between coats.

Prevent Rust Rings

That shaving cream bottle can leave nasty rust rings in your shower. Apply a couple coats of clear polish, and make sure to let it completely dry before placing back in your shower or it'll get stuck. Unless you want to play a prank on someone, but you didn't hear it from me...

Secure Eyeglasses

Do you have a screw loose — on your eyeglasses that is? Secure them with a coat of polish.

Prevent Green Fingers

Raise your hand if you love cheap costume jewelry. Raise your other hand if you hate the green, rusty fingers it gives you. Prevent the green by applying a coat of clear polish, and let dry. Tip: You can also use this method to apply to the button on the inside of your pants if you have a sensitivity to nickel and other metals.

Secure Screws

If you have a loosey-goosey screw, tighten and apply a coat of polish to secure it.

Fix Frayed Shoelaces

Fix frayed ends by twisting the ends and applying clear polish. You may need to apply a few coats.

Seal Bottle Labels

We're all about natural cleaners and labels! To waterproof and seal a label on a spray bottle, apply a couple coats onto the label and bottle.

Prevent Unraveling Threads

Keep unraveled button threads at bay by applying clear polish. Let dry.

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