Metallic Home Office Makeover

A spare bedroom is reinvented as a moody, gold-and-charcoal-toned home office.

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August 07, 2015

After: Home Office

Within a two-week timeline, the space was completely transformed from a kids' bedroom and playroom into a sleek, sophisticated office. From the ceiling to the floor, everything about the space was changed to create the new look.

Before: Bedroom

Prior to the remodel, the 12x14 space was used as a bedroom for two young boys. After moving across the hallway into a newly remodeled attic, the boys' old room would have a new life as a glamorous home office.

Reflective Wood Ceiling

Overall, the aesthetic of the home office is moody and chic. To bring a dark, reflective quality to the ceiling it was covered with ebony-stained tongue-and-groove wood flooring. The flooring's glossy finish bounces light around the room and highlights the metallic accents.

Polished Brass Fixture

To add proper illumination and play up the office's metallic accents, several brass fixtures were used, including this polished midcentury-modern flush-mount installed on the ceiling.

Let the Light In

Natural light plays a huge part in the success of metallic spaces. Although the overall vibe of the gold and charcoal office is dark, the abundance of natural light streaming through the window keeps it brightly lit for getting work done.

Ceiling Upkeep

Something to keep in mind when using high-sheen black wood on a ceiling is its ability to show flaws. As the light streams in through the windows and bounces off the ceiling, the black finish will show any dust or cobwebs the room gathers. Similar to caring for wood floors, it's important to regularly care for a wood ceiling by wiping it with wood cleaner weekly.

Layer Golds

To add depth to the metallic office, a layering of different golds was used. The desk's frame is considered a brown gold while the chairs and art-easel floor lamp are best categorized as white gold. Yellow gold was worked into the design with the ceiling flush-mount fixture as well as the gilded chalkboard frame.

All About Balance

Gold is the richest of metallic tones. In order to use it effectively, tone it down with a neutral to keep gold from appearing gaudy or stuffy. Here, the gold accents are paired with charcoal, which balances gold's bright richness.

Quilted Gold Upholstery

When it comes to upholstery, gold can be considered over the top or overly formal. To put a fresh spin on this classic metal, an armchair was given one-of-a-kind flair with quilted gold vinyl upholstery. Cool to the touch and wipeable with a sponge, the upholstery is just as practical as it is pretty.

Automotive Vinyl Upholstery

Marine and automotive vinyl manufacturers are excellent sources for durable metallic upholstery material. To update a pair of side chairs, automotive vinyl with a textural surface and metallic sheen was cut to size, then topped with a band of satin-stitched Greek key trim before being permanently attached to the frame.

Organized Closet

From a pair of ready-made adjustable wooden shelves to door-mounted hooks and message boards, the entire closet is packed with organized storage solutions.

Keeping the Look Consistent

In addition to the home office, gold and charcoal were also used to decorate the interior of the room's side-by-side closets. Once opened, the closet feels like an extension of the space.

Balance Bling With Texture

Similar to color, texture can also be used to balance rich metallic tones. To darken the room's abundance of gold surfaces, a thick charcoal shag rug was placed almost wall to wall. While the floor-to-ceiling gold accents are bright and extra rich, the plush, dark area rug keeps the look grounded.

Gilded Chalkboard

Nothing gives a room a timeless, traditional feel like an ornate gold frame. This framed chalkboard provides a handy space to jot down notes.

Brighten Up With Mirrors

Mirrors are often used in dark spaces to reflect light. In this home office, the wall beside the window is kept bright and airy thanks to a grouping of three convex mirrors hung above a black console table. When seated at the desk, the reflections create the illusion of an additional window.

Trick the Eye

Instead of using flat mirrors, the office is adorned with convex mirrors, which result in a fisheye effect. This visual trick is a great way to make a small space appear larger.

Metallic Accessories

Tiered shelves, flanking the windows, are filled with accessories that feature different textures, finishes, materials and patterns.

Polished Brass Doorknobs

Often considered "contractor-grade", polished brass doorknobs and hinges can take on high-end appeal when paired with darker colors such as black, navy blue and charcoal.

Keep Trim Colors Consistent

To upgrade the pair of basic, hollow-core closet doors, each was painted with the same shade of semigloss charcoal paint used on the room's trim.

Bringing the Outside In

Brass door knockers were added to the closet doors to give them a dressed-up appearance.

Floor Lamp Art Easel

A satin brass floor lamp serves double duty as an art easel. After dark, the easel is used as a night-light, keeping the framed piece prominently on display.

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