23 Gorgeous Hobby Rooms to Inspire You

Hobby rooms, craft spaces and yoga rooms are becoming a growing priority among homeowners eager for a refuge within their homes for enjoying personal interests.

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Art Room

Design a sanctuary in your home with plenty of light that allows you to create, display, and inspire others with your works of art. Your studio should serve as a sacred, dedicated space where you can be free to explore different shapes, textures, materials, and colors, then execute on your creative visions from within the comfort of your surroundings.


Bet you'd never guess this is a laundry room. On one side is space for laundry baskets and other essentials; the other half of the room features customized cabinetry for storing craft and art supplies and wrapping paper.

Electric Blue Craft Room

A joyful mix of colors and patterns makes this crafting room an inspiration. Baskets and easy-to-access bins hold supplies of all kinds and there are also plenty of cabinets and drawers for hidden storage.

Children's Playroom and Art-Making Space

This kid's space is a work room, craft room, play room...wherever the imagination can go! Bulletin boards provide space for inspiration and favorite creations. Tons of drawers stash knick knacks, art supplies and anything else that's otherwise hard to corral.

Writing Room

Let your words and phrases flow more easily by creating a writing room within your home, like this one designed by MasterBrand Cabinets. A large picture window and bench allow you to draw inspiration from the outside. Choose bold paint colors that stimulate productivity. Balance a dark shade, like black, with white, then make it pop with bold accents, like red pillows. Ensure plenty of drawer and shelf space to organize ideas and manuscripts.

Gorgeous Contemporary Library

For this library, the designers created wood, open-backed bookshelves that had the attractive benefit of showing off the exposed brick wall. A leather sofa and ottoman add a hint of Western flair into the eclectic look.

Yoga Room

We all want to bring mindfulness into our lives, so creating a dedicated yoga space for poses, meditation, and inner peace can go a long way toward achieving this goal. Design a space that is minimal and free of distractions (i.e., no cell phones), like this one from luxury home builder, Ashton Woods. Use soft lighting, calming hues, and natural elements to allow your body to completely relax, even when little ones are just down the hall.

Small-Space Workout Room

An exercise ball and yoga mats, in addition to the exercise machines, provide different ways to get a good, varied workout.

Home Gym

It’s hard to crawl out of bed, then drive to the gym on cold and rainy days. A home gym (and a beautiful one to boot) makes fitting exercise into your daily schedule that much more manageable. Use natural elements, like wood and stone, as well as large windows, to bring the outside in when the weather isn’t cooperating with your work-out plans. Add a flat screen television to occupy your mind while on the treadmill or elliptical. Overhead fans help keep the room cool.

High-End Home Gym

No membership required. This amazing home gym comes with a rock climbing wall worthy of any ninja. And that's only one end of the room.

Crafts Room

All those paintbrushes, yards of fabric, and yarn skeins tucked away in kitchen drawers and the back of your closet need a permanent home, making a bright and organized crafts room in your house the perfect solution. A handy crafting table with plenty of work space is a must, as are drawers, baskets, and cabinets of varying sizes for storing both big and small crafting supplies.

Shipping Room

Make running a home business a little prettier and a little more organized. "With little room for more obvious furniture storage in a small area, don’t forget to use the vertical space," says Kim Vargo of Yellow Brick Home. "Hooks, rods and built-ins can lend so much additional storage while adding a punch of personality." Vargo needed an organized space to store shipping materials for her online shops. Shelving over the worktable and conduit pipes for holding wrapping and packing papers keep everything within reach. Plus, notes Vargo, the "paper pipes" lend a cool industrial vibe to an otherwise feminine spot.

How to Have an Organized Craft Room

For a functional craft room gather, sort and group similar items and use drawers, bins, rods or a cart to keep everything organized. If space is tight, set up a mini station in a corner of your home office or inside a closet.

Potting Room

Gardeners, create a dedicated space that enables you to tend to house plants, cut flowers, and plan out next season’s gardening projects. A year-round space makes it easy to flex your green thumb when you’re most inspired, without a dependency on the weather. Add a sturdy work table for potting and re-potting plants, then incorporate open shelving to ensure plenty of storage space. A utility sink and terra-cotta tiles further bolster the look and appeal of the room.

Pretty Potting Room

This is a potting room for the serious gardener and offers workspace galore. Stainless and stone counter surfaces provide ample space for potting plants, and recessed bins provide storage for soil, mulch and other garden products.

Potting Porch

Stone walls enclose this quaint porch, complete with a gardening station and crystal chandelier. A large wood hutch houses tools, extra pots and other garden necessities. A bright white potting table provides a crisp, clean workspace for gardening creativity.

Dog Room

For many people, a dog is their hobby, and a special room inside your home to wash and feed your furry pup is a must, like this all-tile room from Ashton Woods. A designated shower station helps ensure less mess when it comes time to give your four-legged pal a good cleaning. An all-tile design makes clean-up easy following the post-bath water shake-off, too. Add cabinets to store dog food, treats, towels, and doggie cleaning products.

Game Room

A game room is a fun addition for those who like to entertain friends and family. Set up comfy oversize chairs around a round coffee table for playing board games, even chess and checkers. If you have the space, add a shuffleboard table to the center of the room, providing an easy conversation piece. A game room should have plenty of space to move around, particularly if you choose to add a ping-pong or pool table.

Bar and Game Room

For a house on a lake, easy outdoor access is key! Designer Abbi Williams created a combination play-area-for-grownups and kids to be open and airy.

Compact Bar

Even if you don't have an entire room in your home to devote to a passion like wine or exercise, there are creative ways to make you interest work in a smaller space. Right next to the formal dining room, this blue lacquered bar answers every entertaining need. Shelves are glass and chrome and the tall wine refrigerator would do a sommelier proud.

Wine Room

More than a dark wine cellar, an ideal wine room should have everything you need to enjoy a good bottle of wine with friends, including wine glasses, corkscrews, decanters, and aerators. You may even want to keep a wine journal to record first impressions of each wine. Add a rectangular pub table or small island to spark conversation and entertain guests with each glass.

Meditation Room

Meditation is said to reduce stress, encourage self-awareness, and enhance mindfulness. It’s no wonder then that the Zen design trend is here to stay, notes interior designer Lisa Melone Cloughen, who suggests serene color palates and natural elements, like crystals, shells, and succulents for a meditation room. Incorporate natural lighting, even water features, to further encourage relaxation and self-reflection. Keep the space free of visual clutter that can distract you from the purpose of the room.

Zen Outdoor Meditation Area

The serene gardens and architecture of Ojai, Cal., were the inspiration for this beautiful meditation area. The area is partially enclosed with rope and rocks.