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23 Gorgeous Hobby Rooms to Inspire You

Hobby rooms, craft spaces and yoga rooms are becoming a growing priority among homeowners eager for a refuge within their homes for enjoying personal interests.

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Photo: Ashton Woods

Art Room

Design a sanctuary in your home with plenty of light that allows you to create, display, and inspire others with your works of art. Your studio should serve as a sacred, dedicated space where you can be free to explore different shapes, textures, materials, and colors, then execute on your creative visions from within the comfort of your surroundings.

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Photo: Paige Rumore Photography. From: Lori Paranjape.


Bet you'd never guess this is a laundry room. On one side is space for laundry baskets and other essentials; the other half of the room features customized cabinetry for storing craft and art supplies and wrapping paper.

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Photo: Susie Brenner Photography. From: Duet Design Group.

Electric Blue Craft Room

A joyful mix of colors and patterns makes this crafting room an inspiration. Baskets and easy-to-access bins hold supplies of all kinds and there are also plenty of cabinets and drawers for hidden storage.

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Photo: Christine Baumann. From: Christine Baumann.

Children's Playroom and Art-Making Space

This kid's space is a work room, craft room, play room...wherever the imagination can go! Bulletin boards provide space for inspiration and favorite creations. Tons of drawers stash knick knacks, art supplies and anything else that's otherwise hard to corral.

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