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13 Ways to Lighten and Brighten Your Basement

From colorful pops of art to clever use of glass doors, here are designer tricks for keeping a basement light and bright.

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Lighter and Brighter

Keeping light in mind, this Atlanta basement was remodeled with a plethora of windows, interior and exterior glass doors, light colors and reflective surfaces.

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Bold Ceiling Pattern

Since basements are secondary spaces isolated from the rest of a home, they're excellent fits for experimenting with bright colors. A great way to add high energy to an otherwise darkly lit basement is to paint a colorful pattern on its ceiling. In this playful basement, painter's tape was used to mark off a fractured stripe pattern painted white and tangerine.

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Colorful Art

Looking to add a colorful touch to your basement without any commitment or major expense? Simply frame graphic art to break up white or neutral walls. Since graphic art is clean and simple, it can be appreciated by children as much as adults.

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Glass Interior Doors

To help bounce light into a basement, consider replacing solid interior doors with glass-front interior doors. This will allow any natural light from adjacent spaces with windows to flood otherwise dim spaces with a boost of indirect sunlight.

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