Top Bedroom Trends for Kids

What's hot for kids' rooms right now? Check out these top bedroom trends for kids to get the latest design ideas and inspiration.
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November 25, 2014
By: Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio
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Vintage Revival

There is something magical about a room that has a classic, vintage feel. Mixing traditional elements with handmade pieces in the design of a room brings a timeless and elegant vibe. "I wanted something appropriate for a little girl and something that she would grow into as well. The style I aimed for was a soft look with no frilly details. The wallpaper, as well as the wrought iron bed, is all at once vintage, feminine and classic," shares mother of three Maria Dratell, of Maria Dratell Interiors. Photo courtesy of

Gray Is Good

All shades of the color gray are making their way into kids' design. It's the great, new neutral that parents such as blogger and new mom, Kaylee, are gravitating to — using it for the walls, furniture and bedding. Gray tones coupled with soft colors like yellow, pink or tangerine remain serene and soft but with a modern twist. Photo courtesy of

Design Risks

"Design seems to follow the trends of fashion, and as we see people embrace bright colors and vibrant prints in their attire, they are also welcoming it into their homes," says MyTinyNest. "We see people embracing bright colors and bold patterns with less trepidation, bringing a sense of the pending fun of the spaces into the design palettes." Parents are no longer afraid to take a design risk. A room that is overly matchy-matchy may be a thing of the past. Photo courtesy of

Mini Seating

Forget the traditional, bulky ottoman. Poufs are popping up all over the place. Tammie Le, of InterScene Studio, says this Moroccan-inspired look "adds so much life and color to the room while multi-tasking as additional seating — a soft surface she can use to learn the art of balance and standing and a cute place to display cuddly stuffed animals and baby books. The fabric used is baby-friendly, and the ottoman is lightweight for easy mobility. It's been a big hit when family and friends visit." Photo courtesy of

One Wall Says It All

"We don't advocate wrapping the whole room in wallpaper," say Julie Frank and Alessia Corpino, of MyTinyNest. "It can overwhelm the space and make the room feel very claustrophobic — sometimes it's one wall; at other times, it's more, all depending on the space, the pattern, the lighting and most importantly, the client's desired vision." Photo courtesy of MyTinyNest

The Comeback Kid

The wallpaper trend is everywhere and this trend isn't going anywhere! Unlike papers of the past that were were too cutesy or too frilly, fun and contemporary wallpapers that both parents and kids will love are now easily accessible. NYC-based children's interior design firm MyTinyNest says, "We like to use wallpaper since it changes the overall feel of the room and becomes the backdrop for the scheme. In appropriate projects, the effect of a whole wall in a pattern or graphic is stronger than that of a piece of art, and it helps capture the parents' intended feel and energy for the space." Photo courtesy of MyTinyNest

No Expiration Dates

Growing in popularity is the desire to create a kid's room that doesn't scream "kiddie" and offers a bit more sophistication. "We wanted to created a space that worked for him as he transitioned out of a crib and into a big boy bed but that would also be able to grow with him as he got older," shares mother of two and designer Liz Carroll, of Liz Carroll Interiors. A clean navy and white color combination coupled with crisp pops of green give this room a preppy chic feel yet the subtle jungle theme keeps the room kid-friendly. Photo courtesy of

Whites Paired With Brights

Children love color, but too much in one space can feel overpowering. Using pops of bold colors against a clean white palette creates a light and airy feel. Designer Andrika King, of Andrika King Design, says, "Using white as a backdrop in a child's room is an easy way to make the room flow with the rest of the house without standing out too much as a 'child's room.' Let the accessories, such as lamps, rugs, books, and bedding, be your pop of color, and keep the furniture and walls white." Photo courtesy of

Custom Lofts

Traditional bunk beds are one thing, but taking sleeping arrangements to soaring new heights is another. Popular fashion blogger, Nicole Feliciano, of, created a fashionable yet functional room for her two little girls. "In NYC, space is tight, and you have to be creative. We dream of the four bedroom, 2500 sq.ft. apartment, but for now it's not a reality. What we lack in normal square footage here, we make up for with tall ceilings. We decided to go vertical and create some additional space by lofting the girls' room. Our reality is shared space. The good news is our girls love little nooks. By giving each girl her own loft area each with a private staircase, each has a small hideout from the world and a space of her own to dream in." Photo courtesy of Nicole Feliciano,

Sleep Taking Center Stage

Every parent knows sleep is like gold, so why not create a room for your child with good sleep habits in mind and make the bed a focal point. Gerri Panebianco and Naomi Alon, of Little Crown Interiors, suggest, "Whenever possible, particularly in the case where your child is having difficulty sleeping in his or her own bed, create a floor plan that accentuates the bed. If the room is focused on playthings or study areas, the child can easily associate the space with those activities rather than the important activity of sleeping through the night." Photo courtesy of

'Clearly' Modern Materials

Designers are stepping it up a notch when it comes to designing their own children's rooms. Vanessa Antonelli, of NessaLee Baby, used luxe-looking materials like lucite and faux leather as the focal point in her son's nursery. "I wanted the furniture to be somewhat minimal and modern, so I needed something that complemented the lines of the furniture but also made a statement. That's when the idea of the panels came to me. Lucite is such a fun material because it's sort of like stainless steel in the way that it's immediately associated with a modern space. What I liked was that because it is see-through, it keeps the light flowing, allowing for the open and airy feel. I also loved that he could see out of the panel on the crib with ease." Photo courtesy of

Celebrate the Ceiling

Design trends have moved beyond the four walls. Now the ceiling is getting the attention it deserves. Painted with bold stripes or even wallpapered, decorated ceilings can give an unexpected dash of drama to the baby nursery or kid's room. The playful and bright Sharon Taylor Designs nursery seen here boasts quite possibly the boldest ceiling stripes yet. Photo courtesy of

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