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Top Bedroom Trends for Kids

By: Mina Hochberg

What's popular for kids' rooms right now? We asked interior designers to share the latest trends they’re loving.

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Photo: Molly Culver

Kids’ Room Trends You’ll Want to Try

Designing a child’s bedroom can be tricky. On the one hand, it’s important to honor a child’s personality and let them make the space their own. On the other hand, the room is part of your home, so you’ll want to have input. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve scoped out some kids’ bedroom trends for all ages that you and your little one will both love.

The latest trends in kids’ rooms are all about sparking their imaginations. Using color, pattern and texture, you can design an enchanting escape that encourages creative play in your child.

Many designers are also forgoing typical kids’ room furniture and decor for more mature pieces that will grow with the child, like Mary Patton did with this space’s stylish gallery wall. While it’s easy to default to cute animals and sparkly unicorns for art in a kid’s room, using actual art in nice frames can heighten the decor. “I think investing in real art for a child’s room is the way to go if the budget allows,” she says. “Something youthful and fun but that does not read as babyish." Browse our gallery to see more kids’ room trends designers are loving.

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Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Immersive Wallpaper

In this sophisticated bedroom that designer Annie Elliott, principal of Annie Elliott Design, designed with and for her daughter, the wallpaper pattern is a charming old-fashioned cityscape that immerses you in buildings and streets. “Wallpaper accent walls are becoming very popular in children’s bedrooms — and you'd be surprised how mature their selections can be,” says Elliott. “I thought my young teenager, who loves loud colors, would choose a festive, dramatic wallpaper for her tiny bedroom. To my surprise, she selected a sophisticated cityscape in blues and grays instead.”

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Photo: Virginia Macdonald

Colorful Accents

If you want to stick with neutral walls in your child’s room, you can still add plenty of color, pattern and personality with bedding, curtains and other accessories. Anne Hepfer, interior designer and author of MOOD, picked a delightful array of magenta accents for this girl’s bedroom, from the striped bedskirt to the piping on the pillow sham. The sheer white curtains offer a nice contrast to the bold pinks.

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Photo: Virginia Macdonald

Bold Headboards

Sometimes all you need is a bold headboard to bring a bedroom to life. For this children’s room, designer and MOOD author Anne Hepfer picked a pair of stunning headboards upholstered in bold stripes — with curtains to match.

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