Stylish Tween Bedrooms

Decorate your tween or teen's bedroom with our favorite design ideas. Playful color palettes and creativity reign supreme, but a hangout spot is essential.
By: Chelsey Bowen and Briana Mowrey
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Artistically Bohemian

Give your teen an opportunity for self-expression in their bedroom. Whether it's a playful paint treatment, a funky chandelier or cool artwork, it's important for her to have a say in the room's decor. Design by Judith Balis.

Vintage Cool

Because tween's tastes change, designer Brian Patrick Flynn says it's smart to go thrifting for inexpensive treasures. Not only does it save money, it also lends the room some unique retro charm, as in Camille Flurry's Athens, Ga., bedroom, pictured here.

Paint Statement

Flynn also suggests making statements with paint, as a low-commitment way to dress up a tween's space. Here, graphic, modern bull's-eyes painted on Ellis Flurry's focal wall. Hand-painted by family friend and painter Lou Kregel, each bull's-eye has five accent colors that can be incorporated into the rest of the room.

Versatile Storage

Cool shelving and a desk are a must for any tween room. They need a quiet place to study, as well as an area to display pictures of friends, books and favorite memorabilia. Design by RMSer mblanchette.

Experiment With Patterns

Teen bedrooms should feel current. Pick fresh, bright colors and mix in bold floral patterns; don't forget some solid fabrics to keep the look grounded, not over-the-top. Design by RMSer angelineguido.

Purple Power

Surround your tween in her favorite color. For this bedroom makeover, designer Ann Wisniewski pairs a whimsical fabric and traditional furniture with this girl's favorite color, purple.

Effortless Chic

No girl's bedroom is complete without a little glam. Designer Vanessa DeLeon combines mirrored furniture, a commanding white bed and a luxurious chandelier (as a wall decal) to create a posh suite for this teen.

Urban Oasis

What teen doesn't love gadgets? Designer Candice Olson creates a hip pad full of electronics and music for this lucky teen. Recycled black leather flooring, a distressed-metal paint treatment and customized artwork turn this basement into a cool hangout and bedroom retreat.

Surf's Up

Play up a teen's favorite sport or hobby with creative wall murals, a cool headboard or fun accessories. RMSer lizardshop used a projector to paint this cool surfer mural on her son's wall. She even had the surfboards custom-made to the room's color palette.

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