Small Boy's Room With Big Storage Needs

A small bedroom is always a challenge, but it's especially tough when the room is home to an 11-year-old boy who's a voracious reader and aspiring scientist with big storage needs for his books and collections.

Tight Quarters

This boy's bedroom measures just 10' x 10', creating a real challenge for mom and designer Janice Peters. Her 11-year-old son, Jason, is an avid scholar who needs room to store his books and scientific equipment.

Designed to Suit His Interests

Creative space planning, a complementary color palette and lots of inventive storage ideas help Janice create the ideal space for her son Jason to nurture his love of reading, languages and science.

Keep Storage Up High

Wall-mounted bookshelves keep Jason's textbooks within easy reach without adding another piece of furniture to take up floor space.

Organic Collection

Jason's interests include science, geography, space exploration, history and gemology. These minerals are just part of his collection.

Reading Runs In the Family

Jason's love of reading has spilled into the hall outside his room. Janice added a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to house the family's favorite reads.

Heady Homework

Jason has an amazing thirst for knowledge — he's currently teaching himself to speak Chinese. A large dry-erase board in his room provides a place to practice drawing the characters.

Making an Odd Layout Work

Originally the bed was centered under the central blue stripe on the wall but Jason decided to shake things up and moved his bed into the corner. To make the new arrangement work, dad Jim constructed a half-round shelf under the window to function as both a nightstand and desk.

Sunny Color for a Small Space

Jason originally wanted his room painted blue but Janice feared the color would be too dark for such a small space. They compromised on a sunny golden tan which she accented with these blue circles she found at a craft store.

Educational Artwork

This poster of the atom includes a miniature periodic table of the elements as well as facts on noted scientists. Flash cards of the Chinese symbols for colors hang below.

Custom Bookshelf

Jason's dad Jim added this built-in bookshelf to display his collections. Janice painted the back of the bookcase blue to coordinate with the room's central blue stripe.

Personal Touches

Janice monogrammed the pillow on Jason's bed herself. The blue-and-white bedding is a deal she scored online.

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