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Small Boy's Room With Big Storage Needs

A small bedroom is always a challenge, but it's especially tough when the room is home to an 11-year-old boy who's a voracious reader and aspiring scientist with big storage needs for his books and collections.
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Tight Quarters

This boy's bedroom measures just 10' x 10', creating a real challenge for mom and designer Janice Peters. Her 11-year-old son, Jason, is an avid scholar who needs room to store his books and scientific equipment.

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Designed to Suit His Interests

Creative space planning, a complementary color palette and lots of inventive storage ideas help Janice create the ideal space for her son Jason to nurture his love of reading, languages and science.

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Keep Storage Up High

Wall-mounted bookshelves keep Jason's textbooks within easy reach without adding another piece of furniture to take up floor space.

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Organic Collection

Jason's interests include science, geography, space exploration, history and gemology. These minerals are just part of his collection.

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