5 Ways to Style a Basic Nightstand

See how we took a simple black nightstand and gave it five completely different looks using basic materials and tools.
By: Stephanie Marchetti

From Basic to Stylish

A basic black nightstand on its own doesn't add any design value to the bedroom, but add some paint and cozy styling techniques, and you have a visually-appealing piece.

The Right Accessories

Decorate your nightstand with a few accessories like a votive holder, lamp and fresh blooms to add interest without the clutter. A gray tray lightens things up while tying all pieces together.

Give It a Whole New Look With Paint

If you're less than pleased with the finish of your nightstand, then paint it! Lightly sand the piece with 180-grit sandpaper, and paint two coats of primer followed by two coats of paint in any desired color. Seal it with 2-3 coats polycrylic to keep it from yellowing over the years, and let dry for at least 24 hours.

Dress It Up

To break up the all-white look, incorporate metallic accents like a candle holder. Keep your favorite jewelry on a stylish dish, and add color through faux or real greenery.

Make It Nautical

Warm things up with texture, warm wood tones and bold color. 

Twine Accents

Wrap the nightstand legs with twine as much or as little as you want. To get this look, add a dab of hot glue to the back of the nightstand leg, then press the end of the twine into it until it dries. Slowly and tightly wrap the twine around the leg, applying hot glue every few inches as you wrap.

Bring a Cozy Feel

Make your guests feel welcome by keeping blankets right next to the bed. Choose pretty, bold patterns to add a pop of color.

Wood Tones + Feminine Touches

The two-toned wood tray complements the colorful seasonal flowers, creating a welcoming look. A gold vase adds a touch of glam.

A Refreshing Makeover

Add color in a subtle way with a mint green accent. Keep the styling to a minimum so the paint accent stands out.

Paint an Accent

To paint an accent, place painter's tape in a diagonal line from one corner of the nightstand to the leg on the opposite side (Use an X-Acto knife to tape seams around the drawer.). Apply two coats of paint, and remove tape while it's still tacky. Seal with two coats of polycrylic, and let dry for at least 24 hours.

Gold Hardware

Match the hardware with the bed pillows by applying wax metallic paint in gold with a paper towel and cotton swab. Let dry completely.

Versatile Design

The mint green accent and gold hardware go with virtually any design style, whether your bedroom's design is coastal or midcentury modern.

Swap the Top

Change the top of the nightstand with stained plank wood pieces. To do this, flip the nightstand upside down and use a drill to remove the top. Measure and cut 6 1x4s using a miter saw, or get your local hardware store to cut them. Sand all edges, and wipe with a damp cloth. Use 2 1x2s to attach your planks, making sure they're placed between the legs and drawer slot. Pre-drill holes in your 1x2, apply wood glue and screw into each plank. Stain the wood using a clean rag. Once dry, attach with wood glue, and let dry for at least 24 hours.

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