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10 Stylish Walk-In Bedroom Closets

A closet can be more than just a space to store items. Check out what makes these luxurious closets a place to enjoy and relax.
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Stylish and Colorful

Painting the walls in your walk-in closet can transform it from an ordinary space to a stylish, refreshing area. This closet by ClosetMaid features a cozy area rug, a comfortable bench and chic storage boxes. White shelving makes the space feel more spacious and open.

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Masculine Design

The combination of bold green, stark white and rich brown cabinetry brings a masculine look to this spacious closet. Multiple levels of hanging rods add height to the space, and white storage bins bring a crisp, clean feel. The bold-green wall color is carried through to the cabinet doors for a unified look, and the delicate white chandelier adds the only feminine touch in the space. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

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Crisp, Clean and Elegant

This space hardly looks like a closet, with its elegant lighting, open space and inviting accessories. Designer Julie Massucco Kleiner implemented the pattern from the plush area rug to the sliding door to create visual appeal. The luxurious closet seamlessly blends with the adjacent bedroom when the sliding door is open. A full-length mirror and vanity area provide a space to get ready for the day.

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Boutique Chic

This Asian-inspired master suite closet features dual frosted-glass doors and cherry cabinetry. The drawers and hanging rod compartments provide different storage options, and recessed lights allow for different levels of lighting. Open upper shelving provides extra storage. Design by Danenberg Design

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