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Mid-Century Modern Studio Remodel

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn adds mid-century modern flair to his dull, cramped bonus room to create an exciting new space.
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Refreshed Styling

From the ceiling all the way down to the floor, every detail of the room was changed to create Brian’s dream design studio. To keep the rest of the home's silver and dark brown palette present in the space, the designer chose dark wood kitchen cabinetry outfitted as workspace storage. Since red-orange is the branding color both for Brian’s residential design business and his website, Decor Demon, he chose it as the room's accent color used in the floors, upholstery, seating and a custom bulletin board.

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Dark, Cramped Beginning

In its original state, the basement’s bonus room was dark and cramped. The dated carpet and stippled effect ceiling created a disconnect from the home’s overall mid-century modern vibe.

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Bold Design

Originally referred to as a bonus area, it was important the new space function as a studio workspace with the warm feeling of a living room. To achieve two different feels---one for work, the other for reading and conversation---he opted for the workstation to sit at counter height and the meeting/lunch table to sit at table height.

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1960s Flair

To play up the mid-century modern architecture of the house and its 1960's decor, polished chrome was the finish of choice for hardware.

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