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Mid-Century Modern Prefab Addition

By: Elizabeth Beeler

A creative couple builds a prefab addition in their bare backyard, featuring modern design and office space.

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1950s Design

The modular structure' steel-based construction technique is similar to the method implemented by California-based architect Pierre Koenig in the '50s for the case study house #22. Large floor-to-ceiling windows connect the interiors with their environment and allow tight quarter to feel more spacious. The argon, double-paned windows maximize natural light– and energy-efficiency.

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Porch Panache

On the 48 square-foot cantilevered deck, a blue bench makes a colorful statement. Recessed LED lighting illuminates the space after dark, while weather-resistant gypsum board clad beneath the cantilevered overhang protects against inclimate weather.

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Industrial Railings

A series of simplified metal cables serve as porch railings. Held in place with basic fasteners, the sensible approach suits the structure’s modern ethos. "We chose the cable-style railing to maintain the openness of the deck and promote air circulation," says Celestino.

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Metal Siding

The "Think Tank's" corrugated metal Galvalum cladding is locally purchased. Held into place with mechanical fasteners, the siding is durable, inexpensive, and easy-to-clean.

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