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Historic Home Gets A New Kitchen

By: Lillian Hayes Martin
In a historic neighborhood, urban professional Eric Copper decides to renovate the kitchen of his newly purchased cottage, giving it a modern rebirth with homage to its past.
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Lacking Personalization

Homeowner Eric Copper loved the original moldings and arches found throughout his historical house, but he was a gourmet chef and knew that the kitchen needed to be completely redone to make it his own.

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Old and New

Bringing the home into the 21st century while retaining its original character became the goal of the renovation.

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Perfect Combination

A mix of modern conveniences, contemporary touches and cottage style makes this gourmet kitchen cozy and sophisticated. Clean lines, warm colors and a more functional floor plan make for a beautiful new kitchen.

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Plenty of Room

An oversized, under-mount sink with a stainless steel draining tray works great for chefs using large pots and pans.

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