Fun Basements, Family Approved

Turn your forgotten basement into a lively family room for over-the-top movie nights, pool tournaments and more!

Photo By: Ken Hayden

Photo By: unknown

Photo By: øˇ–îîªFú

Movie-Lovers Dream

Light colors, new furniture, and a couple of movie-inspired prints turned this dank basement into the perfect space for a marathon night of movie watching.  

Playful and Feminine

A wonderland for little girls, this basement playroom is full of girly accents but can be easily altered as little ones grow up.  

Groovy Appeal

Perfect for your growing teen, this super hip hangout spot offers just the right amount of fun and privacy for a major movie night event.  

Rock On

Classic arcade games, a display wall of vintage records and crazy-cool custom furniture make this room the envy of every dad on the block.  

Family Fitness

Want to make the best use of your space and stay fit in the process? Consider turning all or part of your basement into a workout area for the whole household.  

Your Favorite Things

Turn your basement into a room to celebrate all the things you and your family love. A drum set for dad? An art studio for mom? Make it all your own, and you'll never get tired of it.  

Drive-In Design

A huge movie screen, a personal bowling alley and cool 1950's style make this one room that the whole family can appreciate.  

A Penny Saved

A game room floor lined with 52,000 pennies makes a big statement in this otherwise understated game room.  

Fort Fun

Make your basement into the ultimate fort by upholstering the walls like designer Troy Beasley did here. The flowing fabric adds interest to the walls, and kids will love the tent-like appeal.  

Kid Friendly, Classic Style

Though traditional in appearance, this basement has all the ammenities to make it an enjoyable space for the whole family. You don't have to go all pink and blue to have a room the kids can enjoy.  

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