Details for Your Colonial Office

From multi-paned windows to wall trim, these interior details complement a classic Colonial style.

Classic Colonial Design

Design elements in a Colonial-style home are prominent and sophisticated. It's common to see a unique blend of thoughtful architecture and dramatic details.

Interior Traits

Bigger windows were desired in homes during the Colonial period. Windows are typically large and double-hung with sashes.

Prominent Patterns

To incorporate Colonial charm in your space, choose upholstery fabrics and use drapes with a floral pattern or woven damask.

Grand Lighting

Decorative interior details are more important than functionality in a Colonial-style home. Add an intricate chandelier to complete this design scheme.

Elegant Elements

Each room has distinct decor. Painting trim and molding adds dimension to the walls in a family room, library or den.

Dignified Design

Stained or painted cherry, maple or oak cabinets with raised, curved panels or open shelves work well in this space. Learn more about Colonial architecture on

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