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Amazing Home Theater Designs

Check out these incredible home theaters that make movie watching at home like a trip to the theater.

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The Tuscan Theater

The design directive for this stunning home theater was to deliver state-of-the-art video and audio performance while not compromising the elegance and architectural detail evident throughout the rest of the clients' Tuscan inspired home.

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Bringing 3D to Life

This amazing home theater incorporates the first residential Auro 3D system to be installed in the U.S. The technology provides an immersive 3D audio experience that is reputed to be the biggest change to theater audio since the creation of 5.1 digital.

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Traditional Flair & Solid Performance

The objective and challenge for this project was to create a dedicated home cinema within the area of an existing basement measuring only around 350 square feet. Speakers were placed inside a custom built cabinet with black acoustically transparent fabric and sound absorbing insulation.

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Photo: copyrighted by Papilios LLC

The Collaborative Cinema

This distinctive home theater is the result of focused collaboration between the homeowner and the home theater specialist. The homeowner designed and built the custom wall panels and unique theater ceiling.

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